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    Mija Style: Ankara Sundress + $50 Wild Dill Giveaway


    Dressing a little girl has been both delightful and challenging. Having a little girl opens the opportunity to indulge in the fairytale of dressup, but it’s SO easy to get into trouble purchasing every tiny piece of clothing that makes you squee. This leads to overspending and far too many clothes to keep up with. In a quest to cut back on laundry and decision fatigue, I’ve tried to create somewhat of a capsule wardrobe for baby Akilah.

    Her wardrobe consists of playful items that can be mixed and matched, making it easy to to put an outfit together without sacrificing style or creativity. We are no strangers to seasonal staples and characters on play wear, but I do like to switch things up a bit with handmade and specialty pieces from small shops.



    Miss Akilah and I have been having fun with Ankara, aka wax print fabrics, so be prepared to see a lot of them here. Consider this an intro to Ankara mania, ’cause it’s our jam. Today, I want to share what may be our favorite dress sent to us from the lovelies at Wild Dill. This Wax Print Sundress is a classic pinafore that can be dressed up or down. 

    Akilah has worn this dress with a white short-sleeved onesie, white sandals, and an orange hair bow as well as with a long-sleeved onesie, white leggings, gold sandals, and a glittery gold hair bow. Today, we went with a lilac onesie, gold sandals, and purple Ankara head wrap, which I think is my favorite combo. I love how put together she looks with little effort on my part. We simply love this dress and plan to have it in rotation for as long as it fits her.



    Along with Akilah’s fabulous dress, you can find more ethical children’s fashion, green products, and USA-based items for children and mamas like this gorgeous scarf at Take a look around and let me know what product tickles your fancy for a chance to win a $50 gift card!

    DISCOUNT CODE: Ankara25 for 25% off all clothing!


    $50 Wild Dill Giveaway

    Wild Dill Giveaway

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