Monthly Archives: December 2007

Conceiving After Depo Provera

Months ago I went through a panic where I wanted to detox my body. I had been on the Depo Provera shot for 16 months as of April of this year and wanted to make sure that the drug was completely out of my system. Originally I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo Pills toContinue Reading

My Maternity Wear Choices

It’s about time I start shopping for maternity wear. I’ve started to burst out of my jeans. I do have a few pairs of jeans that I purchased 2 years ago that were too big and now they mysteriously fit, lol, but for how long? Right now I count on my lounge and yoga pantsContinue Reading

Now That I Think About It…

Here’s a humorous post written by Greg. Keep the word humor in mind, mmmkay? If you recall from one of our recent posts, Our First Doctor Visit, the ultrasound technician told us that Sheena (who from hereafter will be called Mommy) was 19 weeks, 4 days pregnant. That was on December 17th, and now thatContinue Reading

Jayden: 19 Weeks + Ultrasound

This post originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. After calling all over town trying to get an appointment before Christmas, we were able to make an appointment for December 12th 2007. We had to reschedule to the 14th because the ultrasound technician was sick on the 12th. On the 14th we had to reschedule (again) to theContinue Reading

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