Conceiving After Depo Provera

Months ago I went through a panic where I wanted to detox my body. I had been on the Depo Provera shot for 16 months as of April of this year and wanted to make sure that the drug was completely out of my system. Originally I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo Pills to minimize cramping during my cycles, I had no problems with them just dizzy spells in the morning. I decided to take them later in the day and everything was fine. When I went off to college, I wasn’t able to always refill on time and it became a problem. When I was in high school, I had heard a girl say that the Depo shot would help you gain weight in the right places. That appealed to me because I have been thin all of my life and I wasn’t able to gain weight if my life depended on it. When I requested the Depo shot, my Gyn was very lax about prescribing the drug to me. She warned me that I could only stay on Depo for 2 years because it could make my bones weak and she suggested that I take calcium and frequently drink milk. She didn’t tell me that taking Depo Provera could lead to infertility and other complications. I had to find that out on my own while curiously searching the web. The Depo Provera horror stories are just never-ending. After reading so many of them I was afraid that I would have complications trying to conceive because of this drug. Starting a family early is so important to Greg and I so you can see why I panicked.

I bought a detox kit. I also purchased Vitex, and Soy Isoflavones, none of which I used! Some of the vitamins read that pregnant women should not take them and at the time the Depo shot had my menstrual cycle on PAUSE. While on Depo I bled for months at a time, once I stopped getting the shots, I stopped bleeding all together. To be on the safe side, I didn’t take any of the vitamins. Since it’s said that Depo can take up to 6 months to a year or MORE to leave the body, I began to believe that I would be infertile for a very long time. I tried to work up the courage to see a doctor about getting my menstrual cycle restarted. Some doctors will gladly help and then others will try to tell you that you’re too young for such and such, so I didn’t want to deal with that. I started noticing some changes in my body which I thought were side effects from coming off of Depo. Extreme hunger pains, nausea, dizziness, and loss of energy in September. This episode lasted about a week. I didn’t think much of the symptoms because I read that many women have those symptoms coming off of Depo. I just wasn’t convinced that I was pregnant. I figured that Greg and I having a baby was something that we wanted more than anything in the world, it’s such an exciting thing, and it just wouldn’t happen to us at least not so quickly. Regardless of my doubts, I treated my body as if there was a life inside of me. Then, the “girls” started getting plumper, my stomach grew a little pudge, I gained some love handles. I thought What’s going on? Hmm I’m loving the girls but my stomach’s looking a little out of shape, must be the Depo. Could I be pregnant? I wanted to take a home pregnancy test, but read that in a lot of cases whether pregnant or not with Depo being in the system the test would read negative, so I decided that I would just go to the doctor for a blood test, those don’t lie. I told myself that after our vacation on a cruise that I would go get a blood test. On the cruise I was running to the bathroom every 2 seconds and I was ready for bed by 6pm. Greg suggested I just take a test from the store. I still didn’t want to because I had a feeling it wouldn’t work. When we got home from the cruise we picked up a value pack of 2 Answer brand pregnancy tests. The instructions tell you to wait 3 minutes for results. In less than 30 SECONDS:

The Preggie Tests
December 5th, 2007

I feel like we have experienced a miracle and I am finally relieved.

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Sheena Tatum

is the founder of Sophistishe. She's a free spirit, wife, boy mom, rental rebel, curator of pretty things, lover of vintage pyrex, and the tropics. Sheena can be found in NW Indiana with her husband and two scrumptious boys, clutching kraft paper, chalkboard paint, sriracha and chipotle pepper. In the midst of motherhood, wifedom, and managing a growing collection of digital projects, she somehow manages to find zen in being a quirky, introverted, lil’ lady.


  • Reply January 20, 2012


    Sheena, this is so wonderful. Congratulations!

    Your story of depo reminded me of my own experiences with it. In my case, I was on depo for a year and a half. When I came off of it, I didn’t have a period for six months. Like you, I wanted to jump start things – not so much to get pregnant (I was only 17 at the time!), but because I wanted regularity. The jump start process involved estrogen pills, and I wound up with a period that lasted several MONTHS. More drugs to stop that… I began having pregnancy like symptoms, which went away in about a week, and then things were somewhat back to normal. But not totally back to normal, because despite frequent, unprotected sex (irresponsible, I know!), it wasn’t until a year and ten months later that I got pregnant with Alyssa!

    Anyway, back to you. CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN! I’m so happy for you. And congratulations on having a BOY! Boys are great. I love having a little girl, but Ryan has always been so much sweeter and cuddlier than Alyssa.

  • Reply January 20, 2012


    I am SO BEHIND on everyone’s lives here on the ‘net! I had no idea you were expecting! How sweet! I’m so happy for you guys, I can’t even express it! Congratulations!

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