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Here’s a humorous post written by Greg. Keep the word humor in mind, mmmkay?

Taco Bell Dog ThinkingIf you recall from one of our recent posts, Our First Doctor Visit, the ultrasound technician told us that Sheena (who from hereafter will be called Mommy) was 19 weeks, 4 days pregnant. That was on December 17th, and now that the excitement of being able to see our first child has calmed a bit, I began to think about other things; such as, when exactly did we conceive Boogie? Not only when, but where, and how? Because that moment should be one that we remember for the rest of our lives, right? It was the *boom chicka wah wah* that brought about our first child. And what a joy it would be if it was the time we did it in a Taco Bell bathroom and I ended up with a quesadilla cheesed to the side of my ass. We’d never be able to explain to our son why he has an uncontrollable lust for burritos. Luckily for us though, our Taco Bell rendezvous took place over 2 years ago (whew!).

So, time traveling back 19 weeks and 4 days from December 17th brought me to August 2nd. Back during the first two weeks of August, Mommy and I were staying with our mothers because the lease on our last place ended on the 31st of July and the lease on our current place hadn’t begun until the 15th of August. So needless to say, it was a pretty slow couple of weeks in the sex department for us (longest two weeks of my life!). Thus it wasn’t very difficult to pinpoint when exactly we conceived Boogie: August 13th.

Now I know the 13th is a whole week and a half later than the 2nd, but whoever said ultrasound technicians were 100% accurate? So as I reminisced about our “time in question” (and developed a slight boner), I realized an ironic event that led up to that “time in question”…

The day before (August 12th), my mother thought she’d take us (along with my sister, her boyfriend, my brother, and his girlfriend) out to Red Lobster before we left to move into our new place. It was fun. We talked, we ate, we joked. But there was one joke in particular that now stands out more than ever. My mother joked that she’s glad we’re finally older and she doesn’t have to deal with kids anymore. She also joked that that meant that we better not have any kids soon because she didn’t plan on becoming a grandma any time soon. After a few eye shuffles and chuckles, the subject was changed. Well, that same night, Mommy spent the night with me over my mother’s house. Together we looked at old, embarrassing photos of me, we watched movies, we cuddled. And needless to say, once the snores began throughout the house, Mommy and I went at it like two cats in heat!

Fast forward back to today. Mommy is now almost 5 months pregnant; making my mother a soon-to-be-grandma. I think this will be a funny story to bring up during my family Christmas party….. 20 years from now!

Edited by Mommy: The Taco Bell rendezvous NEVER happened!

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  • Reply January 12, 2012


    Daddy, you crack me up! Seriously hilarious read!

  • Reply January 12, 2012


    LOL… Congratulations!

  • Reply January 12, 2012


    Great story! Our daughter was conceived in the backseat of our car, after a midnight shopping trip at Walmart for snacks and movies to watch at my mom’s house (like you guys, we were living with our families at the time while working on getting a new place to live!). My story is also a great example of how women CAN get pregnant on their periods (sorry for the TMI). :D

  • Reply January 12, 2012


    LOL. That was a really funny read. Any guy who can remember when his child was conceived gets major props from me.

  • Reply January 12, 2012


    LOL @===once the snores began throughout the house, Mommy and I went at like two cats in heat!

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