Jayden: 22 Weeks

Jayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.com As of today I am 22 weeks pregnant. I’m 114lbs and Boogie is 1lb 2oz! Boogie’s continuing his normal Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It in my belly. I’m currently enjoying fruit loops cereal and rainbow sherbet (not together). I may go back to my bacon and boiled eggs craving. Some TMI ahead…the prenatals are turning my “relief” weird colors.

Yesterday we had our second doctor visit and all is well. I was advised to start getting some exercise either by walking or swimming. If I get my heart rate going I’ll be physically prepared for additional weight gain and labor will be much easier. There’s one problem, it’s freezing outside! Yesterday was the coldest day ever but we walked around campus since Daddy had to get things sorted out with school. Hopefully it will warm up, when it does we’ll take our dog (Caesar) out with us. If I win this pedometer, walking would because less of a chore and sorta exciting =).

Jayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.comHere is the second set of ultrasounds we received. Boogie had the nerve to shoo away the ultrasound tech when she rolled over him! I guess you should never mess with my baby when he’s sleeping! She had to do a lot of digging in my pelvic area and it tickled so bad! Boogie’s still upside down, how convenient! I hope he stays that way even if his big head is resting on my bladder.

Our next visit is scheduled for January 31st and I will be taking the glucose test. I was told that the liquid would taste like a sugary soda…oh sure it will :-/. *heaves*

Jayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.comJayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.comJayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.com
Jayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.com

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Jayden: 22 Weeks Sophistishe.com
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7 Responses to “Jayden: 22 Weeks”

  1. Jenn says:

    The glucose test is disgusting. Good luck with! I admit, I skipped it when I was pregnant with Ryan… I was having such aversion and heartburn issues, I couldn’t stomach the thought of having to stomach that crap again!

  2. Sheliza says:

    I had my glucose test last week. The drink is gross but I know you will survive! Good luck to you. I passed with flying colors!! Looks like you are coming along very well!

  3. monika says:

    awww how cute. the glucose juice reminded me of a watered down Popsicle.

  4. Amanda says:

    The glucose test tasted oddly like a syrupy form of a Fanta Orange drink…it wasn’t yummy but it wasn’t as bad as you think!

  5. Tanyetta says:

    Yeahhh!!!! Sounds like you’re having a fun time! Love love love the belly shots! :)

    The glucose test is so much fun! It didn’t taste bad at all. *wink*

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