Jayden: 26 Weeks

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Jayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.com Today marks 26 weeks! Physically I feel great and the dreaded constipation hasn’t hit yet. Oh it’s about time I update my weight. I’m at 117lbs with a total of 12lbs gained. Today at the doctor, I partook in the glucose test. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. The cup of liquid tasted like a watered down soda. Thank goodness it wasn’t a syrupy concoction, as I envisioned. Had I not been hungry, experiencing heart burn and JT kicking, things would have been perfect. I seem to get heartburn when I start getting hungry. When I start getting hungry, JT viciously kicks. Obviously, he gets hungry too! So all of that had me a little queasy/funky in the tummy department for a few hours. I had a pap and breast exam done and we heard JT’s heart beating! Everything’s looking good. The doctor informed me that I have a wide esophageal path perfect for inserting a tube down my throat if I needed to have a C-Section and a wide pelvis perfect for having an easy delivery. He also said Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have a baby because you are small. He just went on about how my build was perfect, something that I didn’t see coming but it put a smile on my face. I know Daddy didn’t want to hear this, another man complimenting his woman’s body! Our next visit is Valentine’s Day, we have now entered the stage where we will visit with the doctor every 2 weeks. Now, I have more to add to my MomAgenda, woohoo!

Jayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.comJayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.comJayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.com
Jayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.com

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Jayden: 26 Weeks Sophistishe.com
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  1. Jared says:

    Isn’t listening to the heartbeat so cool! Being a guy, it was kinda hard to realize there was actually a baby in my wife’s belly until I heard the heartbeat. That’s when it hit me that this whole pregnancy thing was for real. Kinda weird, but true… :D

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