Parenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow

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Question: What has made parenting easier for you?

Raquita says “What has helped the most for me (I just had kid #2) is backing off the idea that I had in my mind about what parenting was going to be for me, and learning to go with the flow. I’m still figuring out what works best for my family and my kids, but we are getting there and it seems better every day.

As far as material items, I couldn’t live with out my stroller, its the one that accepts this one. My travel swing, and a good monitor, it will help you keep from spoiling the baby. The more comfortable you can be with the baby in another room the easier it will be for both of you (you and the baby- that is) to learn to be independent of one another… for me that took a pretty high tec monitor.

Mommy – Going with the flow is definitely what I’m all about. Life’s full of surprises and you have to be able to adjust to them for the benefit of your family. Independency is something I may struggle with because I plan on practicing some forms of attachment parenting. This is where going with the flow and seeing what works best for our family comes in!

Light-weight strollers are a definite must-have! When you’re traveling with kids in tow you don’t want to have to struggle with lifting and getting a bulky stroller out of your vehicle, especially in extreme weather conditions. I will wear Boogie, but in situations when wearing him becomes uncomfortable we will definitely benefit from a stroller.

Thanks for your suggestions and congrats on babe #2!

Daddy – First of all, congratulations on your second child! I totally agree with you on going with the flow. I’m a go-with-the-flow type person myself, and I’ve learned that some things are just best taught through trial and error. That way, you can figure out what doesn’t work, what does work, and what works best. And when it comes to family, as you said, you want what works best!

I also agree with you on a parent and a child becoming independent of one another. I already know that Mommy and I are going to spoil Boogie like crazy since he is our first child. But I don’t want to spoil him to the point where it has negative affects on him or us. So I believe establishing independency with the child is definitely a very good way to make parenting easier.

This post is a part of our Parenting Made Easier series. Our goal for this series is to help new and expecting parents learn ways that parenting can be made easier through tips and advice given by “veteran” parents.

Parenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow Sophistishe.com0Parenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow Sophistishe.com0Parenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow Sophistishe.com0Parenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow Sophistishe.com0Parenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow Sophistishe.com0Parenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow Sophistishe.comParenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow Sophistishe.comParenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow Sophistishe.com
Parenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow Sophistishe.com

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Parenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow Sophistishe.com
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5 Responses to “Parenting Made Easier: Independency & Going With The Flow”

  1. Tricia says:

    My favorite blogging couple :D I think it’s great that you guys are doing this site. Although having a baby is nowhere on my agenda right now (Woohoo! I still have to graduate from high school! LOL) I love reading your posts. I’ll be storing some of these infos in my head for [much] later use XD I also think it’s wonderful how Greg is posting a lot on here too. I’ll bet it’s a rare find to see dads making blogs like these! I’m so happy for you guys & I wish you both nothing but the best :)

    Tricia’s last blog post..Smexy.

  2. Raquita says:

    We – and when I say we I mean me :) – wore Cammy alot, and Bri it seems is permantly attached to me as well. We used a kangaroo sling with Cammy and I think I gave it away to someone before Bri was been born cause I can’t find it any where!! I’ve yet to replace it – much to both her and my dismay. We do alot of attachment parenting aspects. Alot of baby massage, and talking to the baby, we’re 50/50 on the co sleeping, we’re working her into her crib now, or at least into her bassinett a bit more often, but if you went from sleeping on a pillow top mattress to the stiff thing they call crib mattresses…
    But I started this comment to tell mommy that grooming your child to be independent doesn’t mean you have to not be there and that you have to not lavish your love on your baby the way you want to. you may, however wanna try doing alot of that loving while they are in the swing or in the bouncy seat – so they will be alright when you have to put them down for a little while, cause try as I might – and even with a sling, somethings are simply easier and done better and faster with two hands and no baby bump. From personal experience it is the hardest thing to do, to put them down. Which was why the travel swing was such a life saver – it is easy to move through out the house. Bri – our #2 – we thought we had a good balance goin but this week she decided up is where she wants to be. At eye level. Go figure. Shes way observant.
    Now I do wanna try the back pack for cleaning around the house etc.. and Please put that carpet cleaner recipe up – I need to find some less harsh still effective options out there!

    and you guys are gonna make great parents!

    Raquita’s last blog post..just livin la vida blogga!

  3. Milena says:

    Hi. Totally new to your site. What a fantastic blog! I’m quite sure that many before me have said the same. I am a mother to a toddler, trying to get pregnant again. Have learned much in the last three years since my child was born but I have to agree wholeheartedly with Raquita. A high end monitor (one with video option) alleviates any concerns you might have about what is going on with your child. A good stroller is also a must. Not too heavy and that can withstand everyday use is the way to go. Forget the fancy stuff unless it fits this bill. Remember that it will become a trusty helpmate to the both of you. You had better choose it well.

    Milena’s last blog post..Improving the palate

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