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Some Clarification Sophistishe.com3 weeks ago I first started noticing Boogie’s movement in my tummy. First it was like a fish being taken home in a plastic bag, subtle. Now he’s just all over the place and many times I find myself saying Ooo! What are you doing in there?. A few days ago I noticed my tummy vibrating with his movements. Pretty soon I’ll be able to see his little arms and legs poking on through. This is so exciting!

The days are going by pretty fast and I feel like I have so much to do with so little time. I want to start nesting NOW, but I have to wait until we move. I’m currently overwhelmed in baby products, there’s just so many of them. Some I know for sure that I want, others are still up for debate. This is another reason why Daddy and I will be reviewing products on this blog, so that other parents going through the same thing that we’re going through can have an idea of what’s what.

Recently we received a comment from an anonymous reader saying that they didn’t understand why I blogged so much about gadgets and doohickeys if this blog is supposed to be about the baby. Well think about it for a moment. I’ll wait… What expecting parent ISN’T interested in “gadgets and doohickeys”? As for the lack of baby content…Boogie is not here yet and he’s given me no problems during this pregnancy. I can’t complain! I’m actually just starting to FEEL and look pregnant. This blog is not solely for Boogie’s updates, but maybe the concept was not clear since the reader didn’t stay long enough to read our archives. This blog is still fairly new, we started this blog when I was 4 months pregnant, but the reader didn’t take that in to consideration either. He/She made it seem like I didn’t care about my baby when many of you know how ecstatic I am about this pregnancy from reading My Conception post. You know what they say about assumptions. I’m going to leave it at that. I encourage all readers to review our archives page to avoid any more mix ups. If you have a concern, contact me directly through email, there is no need to leave bitter comments. Mommy Daddy Blog is certainly not the place for drama.

Some Clarification Sophistishe.com0Some Clarification Sophistishe.com0Some Clarification Sophistishe.com0Some Clarification Sophistishe.com0Some Clarification Sophistishe.com0Some Clarification Sophistishe.comSome Clarification Sophistishe.comSome Clarification Sophistishe.com
Some Clarification Sophistishe.com

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Some Clarification Sophistishe.com
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13 Responses to “Some Clarification”

  1. Yolanda says:

    How exciting to feel movement! I’m definitely enjoying your blog just the way it is :)

  2. Thea says:

    LMAO!@ Doohickeys. You shoulda told em, thats the gayest term you ever heard. LMAO. Awww@ you feeling the baby. He’s rocking in there to his own tunes!!!! When you play music do he move more? hehe

  3. dara says:

    When my sweetie was moving in my tummy later in the pregnancy, things started to look very alien-ish. Especially when I would have a huge lump protruding out the side of my belly. It was very un-real looking.

    So you’re nesting? That feeling didn’t come for me until around the last 2 months. I think because I was still in school up until my 7th month, and I was stressed and tired all the time!

  4. Rachel says:

    Bah on naysayers and negative nellies. They just need somebody to pick on to make themselves feel better.
    I love reading about the newest, neatest, most helpful or handiest doo dad or thingamajig that people find. Especially if it’ll help in any way with the kiddos or parenting!
    Y’all have a great thing going here!
    Congratulations again!

  5. Kellie says:

    I love the first movement feelings as well!!

    I know what you mean about being interested in gadgets and doohickeys. I’m always looking for the next best thing and I love to read reviews on products that have been tried!

  6. Shinade says:

    First let me congratulate you on the new little one you are expecting. Our youngest just felt her first movement of her fourth this week. That’s right four kids. They were trying yet again for a girl but guess what….it’s another boy!!

    Second I am so glad that you made the fabulous five at FMB because I found you via Sylvie’s post.

    And, I for one am always interested in baby products and gadgets. If I hear news about something I always make sure my daughter has heard the news also. For crying out loud if you didn’t care about the products that your children will be exposed to then one would indeed be nuts!! So please as a grandmother I will be looking for your reviews and suggestions!!

  7. mommyknows says:

    People can be so darn RUDE! Deal with them everyday … don’t let them get you down.

    It’s so exciting to feel the baby move :)

  8. Jenn says:

    The fish in a bag of water analogy is SO true! I still remember when I first felt Alyssa moving… after several weeks of laying in bed with my hand on my stomach, scarcely breathing for fear of “missing” a movement, I finally felt her move! I was around 22 weeks along. It was awesome. :) I felt Ryan much sooner – around 17-18ish weeks.

    Anyway. About the anonymous comment – right, because when you’re pregnant and a parent you ONLY focus on your kids, and not the stuff you buy for them. *eyeroll* Please, I’m all for all sorts of household and mom and kid products!

  9. Oh, the drama! LOL why are people getting their panties in a wad over product reviews lately. I will say to you what others said to me when i was in the same sticky situation last month…it is your blog, you do what you want to do with it, if others dont like it then they can take a hike! Just my two cents.

    In other words, Its really great that you are feeling him move so much. Don’t forget to video tape it. My baby moving belly is my top watched video on youtube…ha ha.

  10. Maryam says:

    Love the blog…especailly with all the info about gadgets and doo hickeys!

  11. Sheliza says:

    That is awesome about feeling movement. It does in fact make it seem more “real”. I am in my 7th month now and the movement can be quite offensive at times! It was never that bad when I was having my girls but now that it is a boy, I feel it even more. I am not one to believe all the old wive’s tales but if you are supposed to feel more with a boy then I guess that one if correct~!

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