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Jayden: 30 Weeks

Yesterday marked 30 weeks! Only 10 weeks more or less to go! I’m getting very anxious at this point. When in bed my lower body never wants to cooperate, it just feels so heavy. When laying on my sides, it’s like all of my weight is being transferred to my hips and butt. I needContinue Reading

I’m With My Inner Child

This post originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com (I think). At 29 weeks, I’m in the fun stages of pregnancy. My stomach is growing rapidly and I actually look pregnant. I am now more into basking in the glory of being pregnant. I’m wearing tees that make statements and other articles of clothing that put emphasis onContinue Reading

“It Said Yes!”

This post, written by Greg, originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. I just came across an interesting video of a promo for an upcoming documentary entitled, “Being Dad: USA”. Just as the title suggests, the documentary is all about being a father. It looks like the producers are going around and interviewing regular ol’ dads and gettingContinue Reading

Jayden: 29 Weeks

Surprise!!! This 29th week update is full of pictures! Yes I am all belly and JT’s using up every bit of space that he has in there! He’s going to be a little HAM like his mommy. Note to self: upload our baby pictures. JT’s workouts are so powerful that they no longer tickle, theyContinue Reading

Jayden: 28 Weeks

This post originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. Pardon my lateness. This week hasn’t been so pleasant, and it wasn’t due to being pregnant, but being sick. I’m done with the funky part of having a cold but I am now dealing with being light headed all day long. I’m feeling better but I need a solution.Continue Reading

Babywearing: What’s Your Favorite Carrier?

Long before learning about the baby wearing movement, I wanted to wear my “future” child. I just couldn’t picture myself doing tasks around the house without my child being by my side. I couldn’t picture myself pushing those bulky strollers while traveling either, goodness why do they still make those things anyway? Now I realizeContinue Reading

Jayden: 27 Weeks

This post originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. A day late publishing this post, but I had it written yesterday! Today marks 27 weeks and I am starting to feel a little more pregnant. I waddle, I really don’t like wearing anything other than slip ons, and my legs are catching it from the instant weight gain.Continue Reading

I Dream of Jayden

This post was written by Greg. There he was, all snug in his blankets, with a face so precious, it made my heart smile. There he was, lighting up the whole room with his glistening eyes. There he was, murmuring his very first sounds of life. There he was, my son! My very first child!Continue Reading

Parenting Made Easier: Swaddling

This post, written by Greg, originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. Question: What has made parenting easier for you? SuburbanDaddy says “Learn how to swaddle! It’s a real art form. The nurses at the hospital are experts, and babies calm down as soon as they are snug. I could never get the swaddle to hold for moreContinue Reading

No Unsolicited Baby Advice

I TRY to carry myself as a cheery person. I am polite, I smile, I nod, BUT it peeves me to the point of no return when people talk to me like I don’t know any better and when I am ticked off, I will speak my mind or at least let it be knownContinue Reading

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