Babywearing: What’s Your Favorite Carrier?

Babywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.comLong before learning about the baby wearing movement, I wanted to wear my “future” child. I just couldn’t picture myself doing tasks around the house without my child being by my side. I couldn’t picture myself pushing those bulky strollers while traveling either, goodness why do they still make those things anyway? Now I realize the MANY benefits of baby wearing and I want to make sure that we as a family can take full advantage of them. According to Dr. Sears, babies who are worn seem to cry less, get “humanized” earlier, learn more, and are smarter and more organized than babies who aren’t worn.

About 2 years ago I was introduced to baby slings, mei tai’s, and sleepy wraps just by randomly browsing online. I thought these carriers were so cool and they seemed very easy to use. They are made simple, come in gorgeous fabrics, and babies and their mothers absolutely love them. I already have a Peekaboo Pouch baby sling and I am going to be purchasing quite a few slings from Slinglings.

Alright baby wearing mamas it’s time for some questions. What is your favorite baby carrier and why?

Babywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.com0Babywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.com0Babywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.com0Babywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.com0Babywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.com0Babywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.comBabywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.comBabywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.com
Babywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.com

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Babywearing: Whats Your Favorite Carrier? Sophistishe.com
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8 Responses to “Babywearing: What’s Your Favorite Carrier?”

  1. My wife tried a variety of carriers, slings, and wraps.

    The most helpful thing we did was go to a babywearing meeting. I think she found it through meetup.com. At the babywearin meeting, you have the opportunity to try on the different styles of carriers.

    Every woman’s body is different, so you have to try these things on. The other criteria we had was that the carrier could also be something I could wear!

    As for our own personal choices, we like the Ergo Baby the best for all-around babywearing. YMMV

    Elliott Kim – 21st Century Dad’s last blog post..21st Century Dad Admin: News and Notes

  2. Kim says:

    For newborns, I love stretchy wraps like the CuddlyWrap. I really like my Ergo for my toddler when we go for long walks or if we’re away from home during nap time. I recently tried out a didimos wrap (a German woven wrap) and I was instantly in love with how the fabric spread out the weight so much that I could hardly feel my 30-lb toddler on me at all.

    I’m really not a sling person. I find the uneven weight distribution uncomfortable because of my back/hip problems. I love them for a few minutes here and there because they’re so quick to get on, but if I use them for a long period of time I get sore.

  3. My favorite company is Side Car Designs, but they are on hiatus at the moment and not taking anymore orders. They produce pouch slings in great fabrics and patterns.

    Hotslings are also a fave of mine.

    Maria [Immoral Matriarch]‘s last blog post..It Never Ends…

  4. Laura says:

    Depends on what kind of use you expect to get out of the carrier. Since I don’t drive I wanted something that would be comfortable for me and my baby for long periods of time and work in all kinds of weather.

    I have three: ergo, moby d and kelty base camp carrier.

    I could do the most walking with the Kelty– we comfortably covered seven miles of walking without having to stop! Once it’s adjusted correctly for both mom (or dad) and the child it’s very wearable.

    The moby was great for around the house, up until Deeder was about five months old. It always got him to stop crying and he’d often just fall right to sleep.

    I bought the Ergo because it is so popular. Initially I was quite disappointed in it (the waistband is impossible to get quite comfortable) but now that Deeder is over 20lbs and taller I don’t find there to be any issue. Hmm…maybe it’s my big preggo belly that’s helping the situation? It used to ride up on me and now my belly hold it down. :P

    You said that you don’t want anything that resembles a backpack because they look like they’d be very hard on the back. The truth is (in my opinion!) that anything is hard on the back, or stressful on some other part.

    When your baby is 20lbs and still wanting to be carried you are going to feel it, whether it be on your shoulders (where the weight rests with the backpack) or the lower back (the ergo), or perpetual strain and tightening through the middle (the moby d).

    Your baby will help you know what’s right for you! Deeder for example would never go in a pouch sling, despite my many efforts to make it work for him…other children adore them!

    I know I’ve already written a novel here for you, but I also wanted to add that there is a place for big huge strollers! I have a Bumble Ridewhich I think was so worth the money!

    Laura’s last blog post..Reading Baby.

  5. Summer says:

    When mine were newborns I just had a plain ring sling that I bought for $25. Those, and simple wraps, are perfect for newborns because it cradles them so well and holds them better. When they get bigger and wants to look around and do stuff I loved my Snugglebug. I bought it at http://flutterbygifts.com

    Summer’s last blog post..The Spending Debate Goes On

  6. Theda K. says:

    Hi! I found you through Entrecard. As far as slings, I bought a no-name sling that’s made just like Maya Wraps. I highly recommend it. I still carry my daughter in it sometimes, and she’s 2 years/7months old. I love how it can be worn in the front when the baby’s young, and older kids can be worn on the hip or back (if you’re so inclined…I never tried the back, though).

    I used Maya Wrap’s online instructions for my sling/wrap. Make sure you have one that lasts a long time. My daughter’s under 30 pounds still. It sure helps when she doesn’t want to walk (or is running wild), and when she just needs to be up (like at the zoo, so she can see what’s going on).

    good luck!

    Theda K.

    Theda K.’s last blog post..Romance your clients on Valentine’s Day

  7. tanyetta says:

    i love love love http://www.snugglehugs.com/catalog.php?category=108
    i have 4 of them. that’s how much i loved my slings :)

    babywearing saved my life.

    tanyetta’s last blog post..Please CHOOSE one PHOTO.

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