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No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.comI TRY to carry myself as a cheery person. I am polite, I smile, I nod, BUT it peeves me to the point of no return when people talk to me like I don’t know any better and when I am ticked off, I will speak my mind or at least let it be known that I didn’t appreciate what was said. I haven’t gotten any crazy advice from people, but nurses keep asking me if this is my first baby. I smile and reply with “yes”. I don’t know if they are just curious or asking in hopes that they could nudge me to ask questions. I’m not leaping into parenthood blindly, therefore I don’t have much to ask. Maybe I’m being defensive, but I like to consider all things possible.

Yesterday my doctor told me that my body is built perfect for having a baby and that I shouldn’t let any one tell me that I can’t have a baby because I am small. I thought about that and pictured a person saying something like that to me. Something like that would just light my fuse!

Mamas, how many of you have been given some pretty ridiculous advice while being pregnant or after delivering? How much of that advice was given by total strangers? Well have I got a solution for all pregnancies and pregnancies to come; the Unsolicited Baby Advice tee by Mommy Trends! This tee has been added to my maternity wardrobe to ensure that I don’t receive any insane advice, plus I love the humor in the tee. I also love getting attention :-). Yesterday I wore the tee to the doctor and I received some compliments. Of course I told my Dr. that he’s authorized to ignore it, lol.

If would like to shield yourself from unsolicited baby advice, pick up an Mommy Trends! They offer a selection of trendy maternity tees. One size fits all from the beginning to the end of pregnancy. The tees are made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex, so they are really stretchy and comfy. I wonder why all tees couldn’t be made like maternity tees? Enjoy 15% off your purchase by using the code LOVE during checkout and free shipping when you order 2 or more tees! Expect to be hearing about Mommy Trends again on Mommy Daddy Blog because I have another tee that I will not be revealing until the time is right!

No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.com No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.com

While I’m on a role with asking questions, here’s one more. What is the most ridiculous unsolicited baby advice you’ve received during your pregnancy and/or post pregnancy?

Honest blogger here: The shirt featured in this post was sent to me from the lovely folks at Mommy Trends (no longer online).

No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.com0No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.com0No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.com0No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.com0No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.com0No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.comNo Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.comNo Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.com
No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.com

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No Unsolicited Baby Advice Sophistishe.com
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9 Responses to “No Unsolicited Baby Advice”

  1. Keisha says:

    I’m not sure if this falls under advice but it certainly was unsolicited.
    With both of our kids family and friends made rude comments about their names.
    Our son is Wilbur after (of course) my husband, his dad and grand-dad. People felt it was “old-fashioned” and didn’t “sound” *ahem*… “black”.
    Our daughter is Lillian. People didn’t like her first name b/c it, too, is “old-fashioned” and doesn’t sound “black” and is apparently, “an old lady’s name”. Oh and one of my aunts was mad b/c I didn’t give her my middle name of Christine, which is my maternal grandmother’s first name.
    But despite people’s ignorance we like what we named them and have never regretted it. Our Pastor, who is my husband’s grandfather , Wilbur Sr., proudly announced the birth of the 4th Wilbur and almost a year later bragged about them taking generational photos. I heard him tell people he never thought he’d see a 4th Wilbur. :)

  2. Keisha says:

    How clever of you. I MUST get that tee. If not for myself (if we ever have another) then for a friend :) .

    I got lots of awful, uneducated, unsolicited “advice” during both pregnancies (people still refused to believe I knew what I was doing even with my SECOND child) but I will narrow it down.
    ~Whilst preggy:

    * I was told that it was dangerous to lift my arms above my head (in order to braid my hair) because it would cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck.

    *It was suggested that I not use a relaxer on my hair because it would cause the baby’s hair to “turn nappy”.

    * And I loved it (not !) when a complete stranger insisted to me that I was NOT having a boy (even though both my ultrasounds totaling 20 photos showed his “peenie-weenie”) because I was not carrying low
    (or was it high ?) as she did with her boys.
    BTW: It was in fact a BOY. :o )


  3. JHS says:

    The dumbest and most harmful advice I ever received came from the lactation specialist at the hospital during the first week after my oldest was born. She said numerous times: “Every woman can nurse.” NO, they can’t. I had virtually no milk and would have starved my kid had I listened to her much longer. It is a genetic characteristic: My mother, grandmother and maternal aunt all had to give up because they did not produce milk. My sister, on the other hand, had my father’s genes, apparently, because she could have fed the neighborhood.

    Women who assume that a woman who is sticking a bottle into her kid’s mouth simply doesn’t want to breastfeed need to understand that for some of us it just wasn’t an option.

    Proof positive: When I’d finally had enough and told that nurse that my husband was going to the store for formula, she verbally chastised me and then cruelly said, “Well, you’ll have to get into the shower and express the milk.” What milk? I pushed and shoved and pleaded with my breasts in that shower. And one measly drop came out. I have never forgotten her haughty, know-it-all tone as I was talking to her on the phone in tears with my boobs as red as any Valentine’s Day heart as a result of my walking around with a screaming baby attached to me 24/7 for several days. He was HUNGRY. We bought the formula, he sucked down 2 bottles and practically passed out.

    With the second kid, I didn’t even bother. I gave him the colostrum which was NOT replaced by milk. Then we got the bottle and he was perfectly content.

    Other stupid advice? “Let him cry.” Never. Not once. Babies cry because they have a good reason. I never let my kids cry themselves back to sleep. I held and rocked them & have never regretted that.

    JHS’s last blog post..But I Don’t Want To . . .

  4. Raquita says:

    Oh lets see…

    my favorite peice of ‘naw I’m not doin that’ would be all the coworkers who have tried to talk me out of breast feeding. The list has been long with that one.
    my granny thinks I should have been giving the baby a bottle of water.. like in the first weeks after she came home…um no – breast milk is wet shes fine. however now at four months she loves to sip a little water froma straw,and I’m okay with it. Everything in due time I think..

    Raquita’s last blog post..seven year cycles and Feb

  5. Jenn says:

    The most ridiculous advice… hmm. I have to sit and think about this. I remember one or two people trying to tactfully tell me that because I was overweight I would need a c-section. Funny, but I don’t remember learning that excess fat covers up the cervix and clogs the vaginal canal!

    Breastfeeding spoils babies because they’re being held too much.

    Related to breastfeeding: after having Ryan, a nurse instructed me to nurse only ten minutes per side, and after twenty minutes take him off, as he would eat too much otherwise. Nursing for such short periods of times is just asking for mastitis and supply problems, and limiting nursing for infants and young babies is basically not feeding them enough!

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