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As of yesterday, I’m officially 33 weeks pregnant! It seems like the weeks are just flying by! Before I know it, we’ll be on our way to the hospital! Speaking of which, today we went up to the hospital to fill out the additional paperwork. We also learned that there can be more than one labor coach in the room. My mother can come in now and if Daddy’s mother makes it down here (we live 5 hours away from our parents), she can too. I’m not sure if I want all of that company while my girly bits are all exposed though :-/. So now everything’s prepared! I haven’t packed my bags but I did write a list of things that I will be bringing with. I may post my list at a later date. Along with that, quite a few other things have been going on over the past week. Hmmm let’s see…

My birth mark has gone global!

As many of you may know (from looking at my belly pictures), my birthmark is smack dab in the middle of my belly. So of course, now that I’m pregnant, it has stretched to a ginormous size! I don’t even wanna think about how it’s going to look post delivery…

Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com

Must. Have. Liquids!

I have been guzzling down milk, water, and juice like crazy! Every time I went over Daddy’s mother’s house over the past baby shower weekend, I drank up all of the milk O:-).

Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com
Yes! I’m Pregnant! shirt courtesy of Mommy Loves!

Spriiiiiing cleaning!

Today marked the first day of spring, and Daddy and I have officially started our spring cleaning around the house. We’re cleaning the house from top to bottom and getting rid of stuff that we don’t need to make living, as well as moving, easier this summer. Our rugrats (cat and dog) now reside with my mother. Wherever we move we most likely won’t be able to afford to have them there, plus we’d like a few less creatures to have to clean up after since Boogie will need our undivided attention.

Baby Shower Sneak Peek!

Now I know that we’ve been kind of holding out on the details of the baby shower. It was definitely a success! There were games, LOTS of eats, and we received loads of gifts for Boogie! We’re just now getting all of the pictures uploaded to our computer. We’ll be writing a whole separate post about the baby shower in more detail over the weekend. But until then, here’s a sneak peek!

Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com

And last but not least!

Today marks the first day of Spring and it was warm outside! Daddy and I took a trip to the park so that I could get some outdoor maternity pictures!

The Pinks and Blues Girls are having a fun meme called the Blogger Baby Bump Watch 2008. If you’re currently preggie, head on over there to join in on the fun and for a chance to win a bubble gum pink Duo Double Deluxe Edition diaper bag from Skip Hop! I already have the bubble gum pink Saddlebag, so winning the diaper bag would be a treat! Wish me luck! Ok, let me stop being selfish, lol. Good luck to all who enter!

Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.comJayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.comJayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com
Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com

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Jayden: 33 Weeks Sophistishe.com
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