Jayden: 35 Weeks

EDIT: I will be posting my list of things that I’m bringing to the hospital in a separate entry. No one else tell me what to pack!!! I know you guys can’t resist! lol

Today marks 35 weeks with 35 days to go! Eeek! I have yet to pack my bag, I guess I should do that, huh? I have my mini luggage on wheels right here, it’s just empty. I’ve already written down everything that I’m bringing, it’s just the matter of tossing everything into the bag. As for Boogie’s first picture and going home outfit, I’m undecided! For his pictures, I wanted him to wear an infant kimono from Westcoast Baby or something similar. For his going home outfit, it doesn’t matter. So many cute things to wear, what to choose, what to choose?

I’m still doing good, I’m just feeling a little hefty. My body is not used to towing an extra 25lbs. Boogie is having a ball poking at my ribs. Oh I bet people are wondering about “the nursery”, well we won’t have one until we move this summer. It’s pointless to set everything up and then have to take it all down in just a few months. So until we move, Boogie will be residing in our room.

I just remembered, we need to get a belly casting kit! I don’t wanna pop without casting my belly!

Yesterday we saw the epidural DVD and it was nothing new to me, just a repeat of these videos. I just went to get my ticket for an epidural just in case. I’m hoping I don’t get to the point where I want to ask for an epidural, because I honestly don’t want one. I’m going to try to get through labor like a soldier and hopefully Boogie will be a good boy and just fall right out!

Since I’m getting so close to delivery and we have gained more readers, I want to open No Unsolicited Baby Advice (click the link to read the post) back up for discussion. Rant away mamas!

Jayden: 35 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 35 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 35 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 35 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 35 Weeks Sophistishe.com0Jayden: 35 Weeks Sophistishe.comJayden: 35 Weeks Sophistishe.comJayden: 35 Weeks Sophistishe.com
Jayden: 35 Weeks Sophistishe.com

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Jayden: 35 Weeks Sophistishe.com
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9 Responses to “Jayden: 35 Weeks”

  1. Kim says:

    My biggest advice to new moms going to give birth.. BLACK BOTTOM PJs. TRUST me on this one.. I am soo excited that you are in the last month.. what a fast adventure this has been (well it feels like to the readers of your blog anyway..LOL)

    Kim’s last blog post..Helping or Hurting?

  2. Sarah says:

    My baby girl just pressed enter for me lol… I meant to say Congratulations to you both! Is this your first? I’m glad I came across your website! I had an epidural but the darn thing didn’t work… I especially needed it with my daughter being posterior, but ah well. ;/ I did learn something though… I think I prefer to not have one… assuming that the baby is not posterior. I could have moved my daughter’s position had I not been numb from the knees down. LOL!

    Sarah’s last blog post..Scripture Sunday

  3. Sarah says:


    Sarah’s last blog post..Scripture Sunday

  4. Jessica says:

    To be completely honest about the hospital bag situation- you will pack what you feel is necessary. People gave me list after list of things I should bring and you know what? I didn’t even use/want the things they thought up. I was just happy with my Granny pajamas, mp3 player, and a pillow from home!

    Good luck with labor as well. I hope that you are able to go without pain meds, but should you need them… that is definitely okay too! :) I cannot believe you only have a month left. How exciting!

    Jessica’s last blog post..Myartistplace

  5. JMom says:

    epidurals….. all I can say is, thank goodness for epidural! But then I had a ten pound baby. hehe! :)

    here’s my unsolicited advice for today:
    You won’t use half the stuff you pack

    it’s still fun planning though ;)

    JMom’s last blog post..Braised and Roasted Pork Belly

  6. Miranda says:

    Wait I’m confused, does this mean you want real advice or not? I labored and delivered au natural and can give you some pointers if you want em. Don’t wanna bother you if you don’t though :P

    Miranda’s last blog post..An Alternate-Delayed Vaccination Schedule

  7. laura says:

    I think they give the epidural after the worst of the labor pain is over anyway. Just try to keep your eyes open and visualize each contraction and push bringing the baby that much closer to being safely in your arms. :)

    As for what to pack for the hospital: Just have clothes for you to wear home, and for the baby of course! You’ll be surprised how little you actually need at the hospital. They even have nice underpants! :P Hmm…do you have a favorite comfort snack? Maybe bring that along.
    Good luck! I’m so excited for you!

  8. tanyetta says:

    Sending you positive vibes that this will be a very easy birth.


    34 more days to go!!

    tanyetta’s last blog post..Noah’s Ark and the Promise.–Toddler Style.

  9. 1stopmom says:

    The infant kimono sounds adorable. As far a packing, make sure you take things that will help relax you and things to keep your busy in case your labor is long and you have to “walk” or anything like that. As far as the epidural, I never was blessed with the opportunity to have one any of the four times I was pregnant. Quite hosnestly I still feel like I am owed 3 because the last one was really easy. The breathing techniques worked for me because it was good to focus on something other than the pain. Another thing was throughout the worst part of the pain I kept thinking, this can not and will last for ever. And it didn’t. Plus after looking into your baby’s face for the first time you will forget all about it.

    1stopmom’s last blog post..Basics of blogging

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