Mommy Lost Her Mucous Plug!!!

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At around 4:13PM CST today, Mommy lost her mucous plug! (as if the title wasn’t a dead give away) It’s all getting started! Boogie’s almost here! Boogie’s almost here! Boogie’s almost here!

Now before anyone comes along to burst our excitement bubble, we know that this could mean nothing. It could be weeks before she goes into labor. But she could also go into labor as I’m writing this post. So we’re just on high alert right now as anything could happen!

And by the way, I had the graceful pleasure of having her run up to me, with tissue and mucous in hand, and shove it in my face to show me. I think I almost lost my lunch. So since it’s so gross looking, and coupling that with the fact that I just can’t write a post without including some sort of a visual aid, I’ve decided to include this picture to go along with the good news:

Prius Plug

It’s a Toyota Prius with a plug coming out of its butt. That’s sort of relevant… right?
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Sheena Tatum

is the founder of Sophistishe. She's a free spirit, wife, boy mom, rental rebel, curator of pretty things, lover of vintage pyrex, and the tropics. Sheena can be found in NW Indiana with her husband and two scrumptious boys, clutching kraft paper, chalkboard paint, sriracha and chipotle pepper. In the midst of motherhood, wifedom, and managing a growing collection of digital projects, she somehow manages to find zen in being a quirky, introverted, lil’ lady.


  • Reply April 25, 2008


    Hi! I found your blog through the bloggy gibeaway carnival. I’m so excited for you guys. My fiance and I have been together since freshman year in high school so the tagline about you being Jr. High sweethears kind of struck me. Just wanted to weigh in and say that I lost my plug with my 2 year old and went to my OB 2 days later on a Thursday and he told me I was locked tight. He was rather rude about it too telling me that mucus plug doesn’t mean baby and I wouldn’t be having her anytime soon. Then he said, “See you HERE next Thursday.” He was so confident she wasn’t coming anytime soon, but Sunday I was checking into the hospital. She came 10 days before her due date.

    Congratulations on the baby. I bookmarked you and I’ll keep checking back to see when Boogie arrives.

  • Reply April 24, 2008


    BTW: That picture is hilarious !

  • Reply April 24, 2008


    WOO HOO!
    I’m praying for your all.
    Big hugs and best wishes.

  • Reply April 23, 2008

    Lisa C

    Great news!!! It’s almost time :)
    Almost lost your lunch, huh? You had better get ready for the best part to come, I think you might not want to eat anything that whole day…LOL!!

    Lisa C’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday…#36

  • Reply April 23, 2008


    Tick…Tock…Tick…Tock… Isn’t becoming a parent weird? Getting excited about mucus. Almost as fun as examining the color and texture of a newborn’s poop. :D

    Jared’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Playground Paranoia

  • Reply April 22, 2008


    LOL!! this is one moment I don’t wish I could have witnessed. TMI! :D

    but yeay for you guys! Jaden is almost here!

    JMom’s last blog post..Earth Day is Everyday

  • Reply April 22, 2008


    Greg and Sheena, may God bless you and baby Boogie as he nears his debut into the world. Enjoy every cry, every diaper change, each burp, all ten of his fingers and toes because he will grow so fast. I can’t wait to see him!! My baby William is a month old already and I am not ready for him to get bigger yet!

    *BTW, I became “unplugged” one week before I had mine. Be sure to take it easy!

  • Reply April 22, 2008

    mee mOe

    Congrats, God Bless !!!

  • Reply April 22, 2008


    Congrats!! Just pay attention and listen to your body

  • Reply April 22, 2008


    Woo hooo.. congrats on the first sign that your little man is on his way!!

    Kim’s last blog post..Zombie Sexiness

  • Reply April 22, 2008


    Congrats….He’ll be here before you know it.

    Sheena’s last blog post..De’ja Vu and I was tagged too

  • Reply April 22, 2008


    I really laughed about – I think I almost lost my lunch -
    Hope he comes soon!

  • Reply April 21, 2008


    I’m getting giddy all over again, just like I felt when I was about to deliver my lil guy!

    Ana’s last blog post..My Shameless Plug

  • Reply April 21, 2008


    Congrats on losing the plug! :)

    And along with Gina- I’m hoping for sooner rather than later.

    Jessica’s last blog post..Thankful..

  • Reply April 21, 2008


    Yay!!!! Well your right, it could be any day or any week now. I actually never lost mine with either of the girls. I hope its sooner than later tho :D

    Gina’s last blog post..PeaceLoveMom: A Celebration of Motherhood

  • Reply April 20, 2008


    OMG, he just may come early!!

  • Reply April 20, 2008


    He’s almost here!!


    at– I think I almost lost my lunch.

    please stop! ;)

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