Baby Shower Thank You Card Dilemma…

our thank you card baby shower

So we finally have time to send out thank you cards along with Jayden’s birth announcements, but we have a problem…

At the baby shower, Daddy’s great aunt kept a tab on gifts by writing them down on paper. Thing is, she wasn’t descriptive with outfits. What do you do when almost everyone bought a pack of onesies and blue layette sets, lol? What do you write in a thank you card to someone who you can’t remember what they bought?

Diggin In!

How do you say Thank you for sharing such a special day with us! We forgot what the heck you bought us, but we appreciate it! without sounding canned?

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Sheena Tatum

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  • Reply May 14, 2008


    Just add a tid-bit in there about how cute Boogie looks in all his new outfits and they’ll forget all about the fact that you didn’t describe the outfit they bought!

    Amanda’s last blog post..Mother’s Day Tornado

  • Reply May 14, 2008

    Baby Online

    You can say ” Thank you for coming on my little angel christening I appreciate your presence”/ Perhaps this one is fine.

  • Reply May 13, 2008


    I hope you all got it settled. I also agree that Tanyetta’s reply was nice.
    I don’t think anyone will get their undies in a bunch if you’re not uber specific :)
    Best Wishes

  • Reply May 12, 2008


    I just finished filling out Carly’s thank you notes from the shower that our church did for me this past Saturday and came across the same problem–my note taker wrote “pink dress” about a dozen times. To make matters worse, I couldn’t read her writing on three of the names.
    After puzzling over it for a little while and checking through gift bags to try to remember I ended up doing the vague thank you thing that people suggested above! :P
    It is really special when you can remember…one my dad’s client included a picture of his kid wearing the outfit that my mom had made, that was pretty cool.
    whatever the case, people just appriciate that they’re remembered in some way.

    laura’s last blog post..Mommy Fest 2008

  • Reply May 11, 2008


    Pretty much what the other’s said. Say Thank you for sharing the special day with you, Boogie will appreciate the special gift that you gave him blah blah blah. If you make it special but general it will be just fine.

    Gina’s last blog post..Monkey Foot Designs

  • Reply May 11, 2008

    Andrea Page

    Okay, four agree!!

    We actually have a system that lets you upload your handwriting and then “hand type” each card. You can even create a campaign that lets you say the same thing….like a box of Christmas cards would…..and you can still personalize the cards.

    Love your site.

    If you want to take a peak at the site, it’s free to send a card on me. Test it out and let me know what you think. The first time you send a card it will take some time….after that, you can send a card in as little as 35 seconds and for as little as $.62 cents.

    Happy Mothers Day!!


    Oh, email me if the site runs out of sample accounts. I set it to 15, and I have to go back and re-set it to add more gift accounts.

  • Reply May 11, 2008


    I’m thirding that! I’d just say a simple thank you and send a picture!

    Sky’s last blog post..Missing

  • Reply May 10, 2008


    Thank you for sharing such a special day with us. We are so thankful for your gift you gave us at the baby shower. We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Something like that! You don’t have to be so detailed on thanking them for the bobby socks and stuff like that.

    Heck, I’m just impressed that you are sending out thank you cards so quickly ;)

    I’m sure family and friends will completely understand and will LOVE if you’ll insert a photo of Boogie. Yeah, insert a photo of Boogie, they’ll forget all about the ‘wording’ on the thank you card!

    Good luck!

    tanyetta’s last blog post..“America: United in Support of Our Troops” –FREE Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Clint Black and MORE in concert.

  • Reply May 10, 2008


    Tanyetta pretty much summed up what I was going to say.. so there you have it. Two people agree.

    rachel’s last blog post..Mom, Mother, Mama, Madre, Mommy…

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