Getting Settled With Our New Addition

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Mother and Son Meet

*Note: In case you missed it, Boogie was born just this past weekend on April 26th, 2008 at 8:18PM. Click here to see the post celebrating the arrival of our beautiful baby boy!*

We’re home now! Well actually, we’ve been home since Monday, but we’ve been busy getting settled and playing catch up since then. It hasn’t helped that our internet connection decided to take a few sick days off and stopped working over the past few days. But everything’s all good now. I have to say that I was actually somewhat surprised that Boogie arrived when he did; two weeks early. I was told numerous times throughout our pregnancy that first babies tend to come late. But I can’t say that I didn’t expect him to come when he did, as our midwife told us last week that he could come over the weekend. And hey, she was right! I guess Boogie was anxious to meet his Mommy and Daddy. I know we were definitely anxious to meet him!

As I type this, Boogie is fast asleep in his bassinet. I must be crazy because I don’t know why I’m not taking advantage of this rare opportunity to get some sleep in for myself. I know I’ll probably regret it later, but being able to watch my beautiful baby boy sleep so soundly makes it all worthwhile.

I love every little thing about my son. From his little tiny feet and little tiny toes, to his fat little cheeks (that he got from his Mommy!), to the sound he makes when he settles down from crying. You all should hear it. It’s like a high-pitched sound, like he’s singing or something, and it sounds so cute (for lack of a manlier word)! I love holding him. He’s my little man! I even love changing his stinky little diapers. Although I’ve seen his poop go from a thick tar-like black, to a regurgitant seaweed-like green, I can’t help but to smile as I wipe his little tush (for lack of another manlier word) while he kicks the crap out of my hands when I attempt to strap his fresh diaper on. I even love the bajillion little farts he’s been spurting out left and right over the past few days. Sure the horrid smell has melted every nose hair in both of my nostrils, I still love them nonetheless. They’re actually quite funny. And the face he makes afterwards is priceless! It always goes something like this:

Boogie’s Butt: bbBbbBbBrrRrrrRRrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnnNNnnTTTtt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boogie: Oh YES that was a good one! now……falling……a……slee……p……*snore*

Ya gotta love it!

And of course, we’ve been taking pictures like crazy. So for those of you who didn’t skip down to them already, here are Boogie’s first six days of life, in pictures! (By the way, we’ll post his hospital picture as soon as we get it copied!)

03 Boogie in the nursery 22 25

More pics of Boogie here!

Mommy will be updating with a post of her own soon. She’s going to be sharing her whole experience with everything over this past weekend. Also, in honor of Mommy officially becoming a mommy, we have a special surprise planned! We’ll be announcing it tonight, so look forward to that! Well I have to go now, Boogie’s calling!

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  • Reply May 9, 2008


    Awww. The pictures are wonderful.
    I can just smell his little baby smell through the screen and you two are wearing parenthood well.
    Big hugs .

  • Reply May 5, 2008

    James Stanford

    A big Congratulations to you all. Boogie is real adorable and looks very peaceful. Bless you all.

  • Great pics! You guys seem very happy. Congratulations again!

    Jeremy (Discovering Dad)’s last blog post..What Moms Really Think About – A Series for Dads (Recap)

  • Reply May 4, 2008

    Candace Wyatt - Mommy to be with 6 weeks to go!

    Boogie is absolutely precious. The hormones took over, as usual and I started crying a little looking at your beautiful family. I can’t wait until our little Azmyth Kingston gets here in June. (If not before with all the walking I’ve been doing!) Congratulations, again you guys!

  • Reply May 3, 2008

    Work At Home Mom Blog

    Boogie is just adorable! I love the pics of mommy and daddy with him! I am excited for you both as you venture into being new parents!

    Work At Home Mom Blog’s last blog post..My Power Mall Business Review

  • Reply May 2, 2008

    Bob O

    Congratulations! I hope mom is recovering okay! He is a really cute kid. It’s great the way you laid those pictures out in this post. You guys must be very proud and happy!

    Again, congrats on the new addition!

    Bob O’s last blog post..Iron Man Rocks!

  • Reply May 2, 2008


    Oh my goodness I just love the pictures. Especially the Father/Son ones. He is just too adorable and those cheeks!! Don’t you just love him sleeping on your chest? That was one of my favorite ways to sleep. Both of you guys look like naturals. I can not wait to hear about the surprise.

    1stopmom’s last blog post..Happy Birthday!!!!!

  • Reply May 2, 2008


    Very cool. :-)
    I’m glad you’re loving every moment and of course all those silly little things that babies do!
    The pictures are great—even my 21 month old had fun looking at them.

    I’lll look forward to reading Mommy’s account of the big event!

    laura’s last blog post..?I heart my Aunties?

  • Reply May 2, 2008


    You had a gorgeous little guy! I loved looking at the pictures and reading this post. :) My son kept pointing at his pictures saying “baby cute, cute baby.” Congrats again!

    Cannot wait for the surprise!

    Jessica’s last blog post..Virus Protection

  • Reply May 2, 2008


    Hes a handsome man there daddy.. glad you all are home and happy..

    which plug in are you using for your pictures?

    Raquita’s last blog post..mommy cutters

  • Reply May 2, 2008


    Awww, I missed the original post, but congrats to both of you! Boogie is precious and I LOVE the name! (My son’s name is Elijah – born 12/4/07).

    Looking forward to more pictures and the “big surprise!”

    Amanda’s last blog post..New Year’s Resolution in April

  • Reply May 2, 2008


    I am soooo excited that you guys have started the parenting adventure!! I love the pics.. you are blessed!!

    Kim’s last blog post..What Moms think about good Dads

  • Reply May 2, 2008


    i can just feel your excitement when i read this post! i’m so happy for you all because i know how it feels to one day love someone so much, just because they exist! Memories of Nia’s birth coming flooding back to me as I read about your experience. But please get some rest :)

    dara’s last blog post..National Day of Prayer: Please Keep Me From Partaking in Some Foolishness!

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