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Our Week In Chicago Sophistishe.comSo we’ve been in Chicago since Monday to visit family so that they too can welcome Boogie into the world, and now we’re at the tail end of our mini vacation. Before we made our way to Chicago, we talked about spending every day taking Boogie to millions of places and showing him the exciting city of Chicago. Wanna know what we’ve done so far since we’ve been up here?

Monday – slept
Tuesday – slept
Wednesday – slept
Thursday – slept
Friday – took Boogie downtown to Lake Shore Drive
Today – slept

(somewhere in between all of those “slept”‘s, we ate, used the bathroom a few times, and slept some more)

I’m sorry, but when you factor in a week off of work with tons of family wanting to spend time with Boogie (aka babysit him), you better believe we’re going to catch up on those countless hours of sleep we haven’t been getting! Over the past couple of weeks, Boogie’s sleeping patterns have been backwards. He’ll wake up around 2AM in the morning wanting to play, and won’t go back to sleep until about 7AM. So basically, around the time that Mommy and I are going to sleep, Boogie is waking up. So we’re currently working on turning that around!

In other news, our little one has broken out in what seems to be baby acne. He started getting red bumps on his right cheek during our first couple of days in Chicago, and they spread to his forehead and parts of his left cheek shortly thereafter. We’re thinking the detergent my mother used on the sheets in the bed we’re sleeping in could be the culprit (yes, we co-sleep, and please, no unsolicited baby advice!), or maybe something or someone he has come into contact with since he’s in a new environment. We’re not totally sure, so we’re going to see if they start to clear up once we get back home. Anyone have any experience with baby acne, feel free to chime in! Edit: We wash all of our laundry in Dreft detergent, wipe Boogie’s face with just water, and bathe him in Aveeno baby products! Forgot to mention that!

Thanks to everyone who congratulated us on the engagement! Just to clear up any confusion: I know I’ve commented on some of you guys’ blogs claiming Mommy as my finacee’ way before our engagement on Sunday. We had considered ourselves engaged for about a year prior to Sunday, but never really considered it “official” until a ring was on her finger. The boyfriend/girlfriend title just didn’t fit us anymore, as we felt we were way past that, but I just wasn’t in a financial position to purchase a ring back then. Now I am (sort of), so now it’s “official”!

So tomorrow we plan on heading back downtown and getting more pictures of Boogie in the Windy City. Hopefully it won’t be too cool. Anyone who’s from Chicago knows that Chicago weather is unpredictable. What the weatherman says means nada. We plan on getting the pictures we’ve taken over the past week and the ones we take tomorrow uploaded and posted tomorrow… that is, if we don’t sleep the day away again. So see you guys here tomorrow! Hopefully.

By the way, can anyone recommend any good video editing software/programs? I’ve finally put my new camcorder to use and shot a few videos of Boogie. Now it’s time for the editing and uploading part.

By the way again, this is actually our 100th post. Eh, we planned on making a big deal out of it, but those plans kind of subsided since we just realized that this was our 100th post 10 minutes ago. I was thinking of doing something along the lines of what BusyDad did, but I’m not that creative (plus I couldn’t think of 100 things about me, I got stuck at 12). So, I guess I’ll just say, Happy 100th Post!

Our Week In Chicago Sophistishe.com0Our Week In Chicago Sophistishe.com0Our Week In Chicago Sophistishe.com0Our Week In Chicago Sophistishe.com0Our Week In Chicago Sophistishe.com0Our Week In Chicago Sophistishe.comOur Week In Chicago Sophistishe.comOur Week In Chicago Sophistishe.com
Our Week In Chicago Sophistishe.com

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Our Week In Chicago Sophistishe.com
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