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Boogie’s 2 Month Dr. Visit

Today was Boogie’s 2 month visit with the pediatrician. He received some vaccines and will continue them, but with few being administered at a time. Next time we see a pediatrician, we’ll be living in a new area, so we’ll have to find one that will work with us. I’m dreading this. I can’t sayContinue Reading

Guess Who’s Two Months Old! (Video)

So I was all ready to write this post on the 26th, but I couldn’t get a video of him I wanted to include in the post uploaded to One True Media. My Firefox browser kept crashing! It is now 5:17PM. As I was typing this post at 4:30PM, the video was uploading AGAIN andContinue Reading

What Does Mommyhood Mean To You?

Looking back at the “Celebration of Mommyhood” Mother’s Day Giveaway where we asked the question, “What does mommyhood mean to you?”, I enjoyed reading what mommyhood/motherhood/being a mother meant from many different perspectives. The responses were so insightful and intriguing, I can see why you all love mommyhood so much! So I’ve decided that allContinue Reading

Flashback Friday: The Good Ol’ Days

This post, written by Greg, originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. I took this picture at a Hammond, IN gas station back in the spring of 2005 because I wanted to look back at it in the future and laugh at how ridiculously high the gas prices were at the time. Boy, how I wish those wereContinue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Power To The Babies!


She Has Got To Be The SNEAKIEST Woman Alive!

Tell me something, how did she do it? How exactly did she get away with it? She did it right under my nose! How could I have not seen it coming? She outsmarted me! She has got to be the sneakiest woman alive! As everyone knows, yesterday was Father’s Day. In fact, it was myContinue Reading

Happy Father’s Day My Greggie Poo

Today is a very special day for a very special man in my life, Hounz, I mean Greg! Today Greg will be celebrating his very first Father’s Day. Although I’m not showing any signs, I think that I’m actually just as excited about Father’s Day as he is because today will be the first Father’sContinue Reading

Flashback Friday: Mommy Meets Big Bird!

Ahhh yes, payback is sweet!

Wordless Wednesday: The Circle of Liiiiife!

Will Boogie Smile? Video!

I finally figured out how to convert our video files to .mpg’s, so here’s a video of Boogie on May 31st. There will be more to come! Please excuse the laundry on the floor! Daddy, easy on the arm shaking! Oh and before I forget, there are a few giveaways going on. The ladies overContinue Reading

Flashback Friday: Daddy Going #2

Thought I’d post this while Daddy’s at work! LOL!!! [flickr]photo:2556767241(medium)[/flickr] Edit by Daddy: Oh don’t worry, I have something up my sleeve for next week’s Flashback Friday. You’ll love it! >:-)

Wordless Wednesday: Safe In Your Arms


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