Boogie’s 2 Month Dr. Visit

Today was Boogie’s 2 month visit with the pediatrician. He received some vaccines and will continue them, but with few being administered at a time. Next time we see a pediatrician, we’ll be living in a new area, so we’ll have to find one that will work with us. I’m dreading this. I can’t say that I’m not uneasy about vaccinating, but I would be if we chose not to. I really hope something is done about today’s vaccines soon to make them more natural. It’s too much on the parents who have to make such tough decisions and then on the children who are just totally helpless.

Boogie did so well today. I expected him to scream like I’ve never heard him scream before. The cry that he let out was much like the I don’t want my diaper changed cries. He was very easy to console. After Daddy gave him a few hugs, I nursed him, and almost instantly the crying stopped. When we got home, I gave him a small dose of baby Tylenol just in case of fever, nursed him some more, and let him play in his bouncer. He’s napping now and I’ve been watching him closely like a hawk.

How could I forget to mention Boogie’s growth? He weighs 12lbs 2oz. I know I said he was 12lbs 6oz, but I read our scale at home wrong (don’t ask). He’s about 23 inches long. He’s in the 50th percentile for length and head circumference (we keep forgetting to get the measurement, they quickly write it down without mentioning it). As for his weight, he’s in the 75th percentile, making him a Happy Panda!

The pediatrician said to keep applying the Eucerin on Boogie’s eczema, but I’m going to try some shea butter instead.

Below is a montage from the visit at the doctor’s office and then after Boogie had bouncer time. The last video in this montage should have been longer. I don’t know what happened. Luckily Daddy was recording using his camera at the same time I was using mine. His is much more exciting, but it will probably take HOURS to upload!

Below is the video that I recorded while typing the previous post. He was having a ball! He loves that bouncer to bits!

Boogies 2 Month Dr. Visit Sophistishe.com0Boogies 2 Month Dr. Visit Sophistishe.com0Boogies 2 Month Dr. Visit Sophistishe.com0Boogies 2 Month Dr. Visit Sophistishe.com0Boogies 2 Month Dr. Visit Sophistishe.com0Boogies 2 Month Dr. Visit Sophistishe.comBoogies 2 Month Dr. Visit Sophistishe.comBoogies 2 Month Dr. Visit Sophistishe.com
Boogies 2 Month Dr. Visit Sophistishe.com

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Boogies 2 Month Dr. Visit Sophistishe.com
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