What Does Mommyhood Mean To You?

Looking back at the “Celebration of Mommyhood” Mother’s Day Giveaway where we asked the question, “What does mommyhood mean to you?”, I enjoyed reading what mommyhood/motherhood/being a mother meant from many different perspectives. The responses were so insightful and intriguing, I can see why you all love mommyhood so much! So I’ve decided that all of your responses shouldn’t be buried in the comments section of a post buried in the archives. Your responses definitely deserve a post of their own! Below, you will find each and every response we received answering the question, “What does mommyhood mean to you?” If you didn’t participate in our Mother’s Day Giveaway, I’d love to hear what mommyhood means to you!

And of course I can’t forget about the dads! The responses we received in the “Celebration of Daddyhood” Father’s Day Giveaway, answering the question, “What does Daddyhood mean to you”?, were just as amazing! So in a few days I’ll be doing a roundup of all the responses we received about Daddyhood as well!

Now without future ado… what does mommyhood mean to you?

Linsey B.: “Being a mommy means alot to me.. It means I finally have 4 worthwhile reasons to “grow up!” They inspire me daily to be a better person, and I have a blast learning along the way.”

Sky: “Mommyhood is unconditional love. I love to see my 8 month olds face when I walk into a room. It just lights up…and makes me feel like a million bucks!”

Bunny: “Motherhood to me means love, sacrifice, happiness and an having an eternal bond with your children.”

Michelle Rosborough: “Motherhood to me is always putting others first but its worth it.”

1StopMom: “Sometimes it is so hard to put into words. It definitely is the hardest job in the world but also the most rewarding. Mommyhood is unconditional love. When I became a mom I learned what really is important. Family. My kids come first and I love experiencing life through their eyes. Everything is so simple and beautiful.”

Kam A: “Mommyhood means everything to me! There is nothing more important in my life than being a mom to my 2 little guys!”

Lesha: “Motherhood teaches you unconditional love, patience, unselfishness, and wisdom.”

Gina: “Mommyhood means to me, my life. Without my children and without being a mom, I don’t know what my life would be like, I wouldn’t give up my mommyhood for anything in the world. It brings me daily joy, ups and downs and happiness that I wouldn’t trade for the world!”

Suzie G: “Mommyhood to me means being totally exhausted from lack of sleep, watching the same movie 500 times everyday, being followed into the bathroom everytime I need to go, and loving every minute of it. I also have a boobie bar snorter and it’s the sweetest thing!”

Ilissa H.: “Mommyhood is a new stage of life that causes a major realization and shift in attitude, sleeping patterns and premommy activities due to the 1st priority of providing and taking 100% care of a new little being.”

Evelyn: “Mommyhood means love, laughter and tears and pouts. All rolled into the cutest little package I have ever seen! (of course, I’m biased!)”

Leslie: “Mommyhood means happiness. I never knew how much a tiny little baby could make me so happy and love so much. When she was first born and I’d sit there holding her, the first time we ever made complete eye contact was the best feeling in the world. Now, I don’t know if it was the hormones or all the love I felt but I cried like a baby!! haha”

Mommie: “Motherhood means putting myself and my needs behind the precious children. Everything I want is on the backburner until they are cared for. It’s pure love.”

Jessica: “Being a mother is my life! Every decision I make, I weigh the effects that;s it will have on my son and then move forward. My decision to work full-time and go to school full-time is all for my big brown eyed lil’ dude. He’s my heart. Being Jay’s mommy is everything to me.”

Huguette E.: “Mommyhood to me means total love”

Barbara Ling: “Mommyhood means knowing you’re NOT your children’s friend…instead, you are far and away much more special and important. You’re there to guide your children even if it means denying them their wants and making them unhappy….you’re there to help them become the best possible person they can be.”

Nicole: “I’m not a mommy (yet), but to me motherhood is nurturing. Unconditional love I got from both parents, but mom was the one who stayed up all night when I was sick.”

Claire: “To me, mommyhood means mostly repetitive work with brief moments of pure joy that make it all worth it.”

Zmama: “Mommyhood means staying sane and energized so we can just have fun!!”

Noreen: “Motherhood means lots hugs, giggles and a few tears and as a mom you enjoy all of it because they are your precious babies.”

Suzanne Bastien: “Being a parent is a constant gig. There is no “time off”, there is no quitting or giving up.

I have learned that time changes us, AND our children.
It’s not a power game.
Learn to adapt, and change plans within seconds.

It means you will experience your greatest heartache and tears of joy.
It means that you do things you SWORE you never would, and don’t feel the need to explain it.
It means that when I go to bed at night and my kids are all tucked in, I feel blessed and hopeful for the future.

Even when my teenager is having issues and I worry about the next day…

It’s all worth it. No matter what pain you are going through!”

Lisa: “Motherhood is teaching your children well and loving them unconditionally. Motherhood is also about sacrifice so that your child grows up with a sense of security, honesty, and good values.”

Modern Mami: “To me, motherhood means caring for a life that depends on you and raising this life to be a productive member of our society. It’s a big responsibility, huh?”

Honey: “Mommyhood means to me that your life is no longer yours. You now live for that small child (in my case 5). You are now not only a mother, but a teacher, and a friend, 24-7. With a new child comes the greatest gift of all-love.”

Travi: “Motherhood is loving your children and always being there for them, and of course, teaching them right from wrong. Motherhood is not a job…it’s a life.”

CallMeABookWorm: “Motherhood to me is eternal joy and guilt – you can’t have one without the other”

Amy: “Mommyhood is the best job there is. Raising my children is the most important thing I will do in my life.”

Arlene Gonzalez: “Mommyhood means sleepless nights, lots of diaper changes, patience, patience & more patience and learning with your child/ren & praying a lot that you don’t break them!”

T.H: “Motherhood is simply a great experience the moment I held my baby after labour… I feel like crying. Then the moment nurse took him I away I scream in pain. No joking.. can feel the stich..”

Lisa C: “Motherhood means going through a night like I did last night with my 18 month old who just didn’t want to go to sleep and not loosing my mind because of it. It’s means being present in every moment when I’m dealing with them, collectively and individually. Giving up my internet time or whatever else that I want to do to do what I have to do with them, sacrifice. And, most importantly demonstrating my respect and appreciation for their Father, the other part of the equation.”

Beth: “I love being a mom because I get to be a teacher, artist, seamstress, nurse, librarian, chef, social worker and so much more!! All my dream jobs rolled into one!!”

Elizabeth M.: “Motherhood is the privilege of being entrusted with a child and doing my very best to raise them to be a positive, happy, healthy and contributing member of society. It’s a blessing to be a mother and I never, ever take it for granted. It means more to me than anything else.”

CanCan: “Mommyhood to me is:
being the one to hold your little one in the early morning darkness when they don’t feel well
being the one who swells with pride when your child is dressed sweetly and people compliment them
actually feeling warm fuzzies when your child says they wish they had “pokey-dots” (acne) on their face, so they could be JUST LIKE YOU.
I will always and forever be a mom to my two boys!”

What Does Mommyhood Mean To You? Sophistishe.com0What Does Mommyhood Mean To You? Sophistishe.com0What Does Mommyhood Mean To You? Sophistishe.com0What Does Mommyhood Mean To You? Sophistishe.com0What Does Mommyhood Mean To You? Sophistishe.com0What Does Mommyhood Mean To You? Sophistishe.comWhat Does Mommyhood Mean To You? Sophistishe.comWhat Does Mommyhood Mean To You? Sophistishe.com
What Does Mommyhood Mean To You? Sophistishe.com

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5 Responses to “What Does Mommyhood Mean To You?”

  1. Quiskaeya says:

    I felt every single response! So true all of them.

    Quiskaeyas last blog post..Jesus Take the Wheel! The AMA Is Out of Control!

  2. John Esberg says:

    Hmm, very intersting collection. I think I’ll have to ask my wife this question.

    John Esbergs last blog post..Hard Core Father & Son Team!

  3. 1stopmom says:

    That waas a great idea to get everything together in one post. Wow, those are some really heartfelt thoughts. Thanks for sharing

    1stopmoms last blog post..Help Save Serena – What you can do

  4. Polina says:

    It is so touchy… I’ve never thought of why do I love to be a mom… Unconditional love, yes, that’s it. When you love someone “just because” and get the same in return… And… being a mom – is like touching a miracle… it is hard to describe what you feel when you realize that you’ve helped somebody to appear into this world… Like touching the hand of God…

  5. Sky says:

    Awwww…reading this brought tears to my eyes! It just reaffirms that being a parent is the BEST job ever!

    Skys last blog post..Tricky, That Girl

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