Guess Who’s Two Months Old! (Video)

So I was all ready to write this post on the 26th, but I couldn’t get a video of him I wanted to include in the post uploaded to One True Media. My Firefox browser kept crashing!

It is now 5:17PM. As I was typing this post at 4:30PM, the video was uploading AGAIN and it had reached 96% completion. Right when I finished typing the line My Firefox browser kept crashing! (see above), the electricity WENT OUT! After that I was TOO THROUGH!

So here I am now typing on my iMac, waiting on the video to upload from my laptop. If the electricity wants to cut off again at least there will be battery back up.

Guess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.com

Our little man made 2 months on June 26th. He’s getting so big! According to our scale he weighs 12lbs 6oz! I can’t stop squeezing his thunder thighs and kissing his little button nose!

Right now he’s sitting in his bouncer batting and kicking at the toys. He’s having a good time watching and hearing them light up and play music. He’s cooing! *grabs camera and records*

Remember the baby acne? I think it’s baby eczema. Our pediatrician told us to rub Eucerin cream on his cheeks twice a day. It has helped, but I’ve been applying it at least 4 times a day because his face feels so dry. And on occasions when he’s hot, his cheeks flare back up, like heat rash. His skin is dry all over just like baby eczema so I’ve just been keeping him nice and shiny with the Eucerin. I even put it in his hair. He had some flakey spots on his head which the Eucerin helped. He hasn’t had any more since. We have an appointment Monday, so we’ll see what we can do to better moisturize his skin. I’m thinking switch to some all natural products such as Dr. Bronner’s. I’ve been wanting to try some of their soap for my hair. We’ve been using Aveeno Baby wash. I didn’t know that Aveeno was distributed by Johnson & Johnson *smacks head*. I chose Aveeno because because I wanted to avoid the Johnson & Johnson drama. Ugh, defeated the purpose…I’m loving the idea of going green more and more each day.

Boogie’s been doing a GREAT job at pooping through his diapers. We need to get a few diaper covers; we have one and then we have a small collection of cloth diapers. I usually use cloth at night or when I want to give him a break from disposables (Nature Babycare). You may start seeing pictures and videos of Boogie wearing socks on his hands because he can’t keep them out of his face. We have scratch mitts, but they don’t stay on like socks. He’s scratched his cheeks a few times and caused them to bleed so we have to keep them on.

Well it looks like I won’t be posting that video I’ve been trying to upload or the one that I just recorded. I am beyond frustrated because I’m trying to be more on top of things but I can’t when things keep crashing or take forever to upload. HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to post the videos some time tomorrow…

EDIT: I managed to get the 1st video uploaded!!!!

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Guess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.com0Guess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.com0Guess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.com0Guess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.com0Guess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.com0Guess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.comGuess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.comGuess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.com
Guess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.com

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Guess Whos Two Months Old! (Video) Sophistishe.com
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13 Responses to “Guess Who’s Two Months Old! (Video)”

  1. Yolanda says:

    Happy 2nd Month Boogie!!! We used Mustela baby products- all natural ingredients (sulfates of any sort were just too drying for my boys’ skin as babies) and though they can be pricey a little goes a long way. I’ve used Dr. Bronners for my hair and washed their baby clothes in the peppermint soap (leaves them so clean and fresh smelling) but never did use it for their bathing. Hopefully you’ll get him cleared up quickly.

    Yolandas last blog post..Belly Nostalgia Part II

  2. flipflopmamma says:

    I have Bee Good To Your Baby Butter in my etsy store…
    and it’s great for eczema! It’s also better for baby because Eucerin is full of petroleum and that’s not good. I use Dr. Bronner’s baby soap for my kids, it’s unscented. And I use the Lavender for myself…although I’m making my own soap now too, so I’ll be using that instead. It’s great that you guys are trying to be more green!

    flipflopmammas last blog post..

  3. Quiskaeya says:

    He is just too freakin’ adorable!!! Soon you’ll be posting a video of him going off to college! Sheesh they grow fast, don’t they. I just want to snibble on those rolls – I love me some hamhock legs. lol

    Btw – I LOVE, let me say it again L-O-V-E Dr. Bronner’s products. Another good one is JASON (http://www.jason-natural.com/home.php). So glad that you figured out the skin irritation situation.

    Quiskaeyas last blog post..She Made My Weekend!

  4. Shannon says:

    He is so adorable!

    My niece had the same skin problem when she was a baby. Her doctors recommended the Eucerin cream as well and even Aveeno products. My sister still uses them and my niece is 2 years old now. I think that she’s afraid that my niece will start to break out again. I’m not sure of any natural ways to keep the skin moisturized. I suppose it’s much easier when we’re adults. I hope that his doctors find a reasonable solution to this for you guys.

  5. Trendy Baby says:

    He is sooooo cute! I bet you can’t stop kissing him.

    Trendy Babys last blog post..Things To Do With Baby on the 4th of July

  6. Sheliza says:

    Oh wow! Look how adorable baby Boogie is! So chunky and sweet. I know all about the dry face thing. Our ped told us to use the Aveeno twice per day and that seems to do the trick. I had the same thing with both the girls. I think it is a baby thing especially in babies of color. Oh gosh, I hope that does not offend anybody! Little Will is doing all those cute things Boogie is doing. My hubby was standing over me while I was watching the video and he felt as if he was watching his own baby. I will have to post a video soon. Your video was worth all the computer crashing and electric outages!:-)

    Shelizas last blog post..Happy 35th Birthday Papo!!

  7. Sky says:

    Lordy, he’s a doll!! Those hiccups! I can’t believe he is 2 months already!

    I had NO idea about the Johnson and Johnson stuff…thanks for enlightening me!

    Skys last blog post..Summer is HERE!

  8. Ellie says:

    Oh my, he is just absolutely adorable! So cute.

    My sister, when she was a baby, used to scratch herself a lot. She had the funniest mitts – she was ridiculously tiny and the mitts were huge. They looked like catcher’s mitts.

  9. 1stopmom says:

    2 Months already? I think I caught a little smile from him today! I am so glad for you guys that he is growing up so healthy. Keep up the good work.

    1stopmoms last blog post..Joke’s On Me

  10. Gina says:

    2 month’s already, WOW… Time is flying by, he’s just so cute!!!

    Ginas last blog post..Let’s Get Ready….

  11. T.H says:

    Talking about mitten I let Sean wore until he’s 4 months. Paed was screaming take it off… LOL.. as first time mom I didn’t know..

    T.Hs last blog post..Out break on my face

  12. John Esberg says:

    Congrats on the 2 month marker. The fun has just begun!

    John Esbergs last blog post..Who Is Sara Paxton’s Father?

  13. tanyetta says:

    look at him!
    he is so cute!

    i had no idea about the J&J drama!

    tanyettas last blog post..Dreams always come true. If you MAKE them.-Grandmother finally gets date for high school prom

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