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Wordless Wednesday: Smile For Mommy!


I’m In The Spotlight!

I was featured in Spotlight on Dads over at Discovering Dad! Spotlight on Dads is a series where every week a dad is thrown into an interrogation room, placed under a spotlight, and forced at gunpoint to answer questions about fatherhood. This week was my turn! I really encourage you all to check it out,Continue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Show Us That Beautiful Smile!


Seeing The Everyday: Finding Poetry In The Prosaic (Giveaway)

Last Wednesday I had a chance to read the very first issue of Seeing The Everyday, a quarterly and advertisement free magazine that captures ordinary moments at home that are often overlooked. Such moments include grooming one another, helping with homework, or doing work out in the yard. Participating in these activities help develop strongContinue Reading

Our Playground Photoshoot

Remember Power To The Babies? Well, we finally got the rest of the pictures from that day uploaded. Yes, I know, that was practically a whole month ago. But hey, if I had an excuse as to why we took so long, I’d be inserting it here. So while I think one up, enjoy theContinue Reading

Dads Are The Shi… Well… We Rule!

Jeremy, the author of one of my favorite blogs, Discovering Dad, is taking part in Blogging Idol! Blogging Idol is sort of like American Idol for bloggers. Actually, come to think of it, Blogging Idol is nothing like American Idol, except for the part where you win something at the end. In Blogging Idol, bloggersContinue Reading

Is My Milk A Laxative? BEeeRrrrAaaNT!

Lately Boogie has been pooping during or IMMEDIATELY after I nurse him. Our little piggy is such a little nasty man! He smells like rotten eggs, lol! I just finished nursing him and as soon as he pulled off, he let out a grunt, then BEeeRrrrAaaNT! After a few more BEeeRrrrAaaNT’s which lasted a fewContinue Reading

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier Review

This post was originally posted at mommydaddyblog.com. Jayden is one who does NOT like to be layed down. If you do so much as to tilt him like you’re going to lay him down, he will start to fuss. Although he loves his bouncer, he will only tolerate it for so long. So when heContinue Reading

Family, Food, and Fireworks!

We’ve decided to stay an extra couple of days here in Chicago to continue our search for a new place. For those who don’t know (actually I’m not even sure if I’ve mentioned it here before), we’re moving back to the Chicago area to be closer to family. Mommy and I both have lived aroundContinue Reading

Flashback Friday: Happy 4th of July!

Today’s Flashback Friday features a picture of Daddy and I last 4th of July. We took this picture during a fireworks show. The streaks you see in the picture are due to said fireworks. Today I’m being a bum. I’m wearing the SAME shirt again! In honor of the 4th of July, we are givingContinue Reading

What Does Daddyhood Mean To You?

In case you missed it, last week I collected all of the responses to the question, “What does mommyhood mean to you?” from the “Celebration of Mommyhood” Mother’s Day Giveaway and put them all together in one post. The many different meanings and perspectives of mommyhood that were explored were definitely an interesting read! NowContinue Reading

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