What Does Daddyhood Mean To You?

In case you missed it, last week I collected all of the responses to the question, “What does mommyhood mean to you?” from the “Celebration of Mommyhood” Mother’s Day Giveaway and put them all together in one post. The many different meanings and perspectives of mommyhood that were explored were definitely an interesting read!

Now it’s time for the daddies! In the “Celebration of Daddyhood” Father’s Day Giveaway we held a few weeks ago, we asked the question, “What does daddyhood mean to you?”. Although we received only a few responses from dads, it was interesting to read what daddyhood meant from the perspective of mommies. The responses from the mommies showed that the role of daddyhood is very exciting, special, and important, even from the viewpoint of those who aren’t daddies!

I’d still love to learn the meaning of daddyhood from more dad perspectives. So to the fellow dads out there, feel free to chime in in the comments at the bottom of this post on what daddyhood means to you!

What does daddyhood mean to you?

Bunny: “I think daddyhood is just as tough as mommyhood. Daddy would need to think of how to support his family with the new addition. Plus he would still need to take care of himself too.”

Kari Follett: “Being a father, at least what I see in my husband and my own father means protecting the family, being there always, unconditional love and nurturing.”

Kam Aures: “Daddyhood means being there for you family and helping your sons to grow up to be decent, respectful men by setting a good example for them in your everyday life.”

Yolanda: “Daddyhood means nurturing the mind and spirit of your children from the very depths of your heart.”

Melissa: “I don’t know if I can express into words what being a Dad means to me. I have the best and most supportive Dad in the world. He loves us no matter what and doesn’t judge us either. Now that is HUGE! In addition I know I could call him day or night and no matter what I asked or needed (or wanted) he would be there to listen and help. He is so dedicated and loving and is such a strong Christian Dad as well. I just don’t know if he knows how much he means to us all or what a great Dad he is!

The second part of this is then how I now watch my husband in action with our son. I thought I loved him as a husband but watching him with our son and being a “Dad” makes me love him so much more…if that is possible. He is the best!

I guess in the end…any man can father a child but it takes a special mad to be a “Daddy”.”

Stacy: “My husband was’t sure if he wanted kids. He considered himself not a baby person. When our son was born in January he fell in love. And now that he is a stay at home dad he is the best dad ever. So patient and sweet. We are very lucky to have him.”

Gina: “Daddyhood is just as important and as tough as mommyhood. My husband Rodney is a great daddy, he provides for our family and tries his best to give his children everything in the world, not only material, but love and support. Daddies are about teaching the little ones thing Mommies might not know about, maybe don’t have the time to teach because of other household duties. Daddyhood is just a great extension of Mommyhood.”

Kristinia Clos: “Well when my hubby first met me I had 2 children, 2 boys, so he’s been a step-daddy ever since we said “I Do” but now for the very first time, this September he will be a Daddy to our first child together, a “Baby Girl”! He is very excited and he says he will feel like a #1st time Father, even though he is a Step-Daddy to my 2 boys. He’s literally scared to death but ready for the full responsibility. He has been soo helpful and caring with my 2 boys that I know he will be the best Father we could ask for!
That’s my hubby and what daddyhood means to me, taking full responsibility even though the children may not even be your own but you learn to love them just the same!”

Lois: “Daddyhood is a tough job and it means everything from wrestling on the floor to being tough when they disobey, it’s hugs and kisses, and a big teddy bear all rolled into one. I do not know how single moms do it. He is my partner is the good times and bad and is the rock we all lean on.”

Jo: “Daddyhood is a sacred fraternity of those blessed with the precious gift of a child.”

Noreen: “Daddyhood means your whole world changes. You have someone you love more than you thought possible and now you want to be an even better man for your kid(s).”

Annie Tunheim: “Daddyhood means spending good quality time with your kids and teaching them how to do things. I am a mother of 3 young boys who look up to their father as a way of knowing what it is like to be a man.”

Cindi: “I am one very lucky lady to have a wonderful dad, who will be turning 90 years young in July! My husband is one of the best dads and husbands that a woman could ask for. We just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on May 31st.

Then, I have two fantastic teenage sons that I know will make great fathers if they decide to someday have children. My husband works all day and then comes home and cooks dinner. He always makes time to listen if one of us need to talk or need help with something.
He is teaching both boys a lot about computers and gadgets.”

Suzie G: “For my fiance, being a daddy means working 10 hour days 6 days a week and being totally exhausted and worn down. When he gets home, the first thing he wants to do is hold his son and kiss his daughter. Instead of sitting in front of the TV after a long day, he wants to take his daughter to the park to go down the slides and he wants to push her on the swings. He makes sacrafices for our family and wouldn’t have it any other way because he loves us that much.

He’s always been the only one able to get either of our children to burp. I do the boobing and he does the burping. Our 3 month old son loves him so much he spits up all over him all the time, and daddy thinks it’s totally funny.”

Mary Jenkins: “my husband and i both come from broken homes (you never hear it called that anymore). we aren’t close to our fathers So my husband being really involved in our daughter’s life has been very healing for us. i still don’t know what it means to be a dad, really. maybe it’s just being a man and being there.”

Channah: “Daddyhood means, to me, being there to love your child, always, through the good times, and the bad, before all your own needs.”

Kristi: “My stepfather raised me and my brother, showed us unconditional love, was there for all the bad times and the good times unlike my biological father who decided not to. I believe God stepped in, knowing me and my brother would need someone and sent my mom an angel. I feel very blessed to have my stepfather but also my Father in heaven for always looking out for me.”

Brandy W: “daddyhood from my perspective means, that you sacrifice everything you can for the lives you help create. giving up your freedom of going out to work or stay home with your child. be there whenever they need you, give love and support.”

Cyndie: “well I have a great Father and I have been Mom amd dad to my kids for 22 yrs now and I have to say my dad has been a dad and papa to my kids he has always been an inspiration to me and them…….I know I have worked 2 jobs to take care of them and my Dad has never complained he has enjoyed being with them….All I can say is my dad is awesome and I thank the good Lord for him adopting me when I was 7 yrs old. I have been blessed.”

Kristie Noguera: “Daddyhood means spending time with your kids. It means you shift your entire life priorities around and make you family and kids come first.”

Russell Bauman: “I think fatherhood is all about the smile on your child’s face when you walk in the door from work, the scent of their skin, their laughter when you are tickling them, the hugs and kisses, theknowledge of being there for your children and not being selfish. I love my children and the joy they bring to me and my wife.

Oh yeah and the unconditional love we share!”

Judy Brittle: “a daddy to me is being there plain and simple. be there to talk,give support and letting your child know that he or she is loved no matter what. to get involved in all things important to your child. going to those school plays and watching your child playing in the park. knowing when to step in and when to stay out of things going on in your childs life. and lastly LOVING YOUR CHILD.”

Steve Chittock: “Being a dad makes you realize that you are a lot like you own Dad. And that makes you appreciate him more. Nothing like whining to your Dad about something your kids did and he just smiles back at you and shakes his head.”

Kathy Conley: “Daddyhood is all about being the best father you can be and realizing that, no matter what, love is what really makes a father.”

Belinda A.: “From my perspective: Daddyhood means you are the safe port in any storm – that’s how my sisters and I view our dad and that’s how my daughter views her daddy:)”

Pamela White: “Daddyhood means the passing down of family traditions and learning the age old lessons learned by years of experience.”

Heather C: “From where I’m sitting, fatherhood means taking a new look at the world once you lay eyes on your child or children. Your heart beats a little differently and you really start to appreciate those kid-giggles and screams of delight.”

Janet F: “Daddyhood means being a good role model and a good provider. It also means teaching your children love, respect and self-worth.”

Amanda: “I know that my husband was scared when I was pregnant with our first baby, he was scared that he wouldn’t be a good dad, scared that he wouldn’t know what to do. But I remember the look on his face the moment he saw his daughter, it was like he just knew it would all be OK. He has been such an amazing husband and father, and his daughters just adore their daddy. Daddy’s seem to have such a special bond with their babies that no one can understand.

I’m not really sure what “daddyhood” means, but I know that when a man becomes a father he takes on a whole new role, new responsibilities and becomes an even more amazing person. They nurture, care, and love. They help teach what is right from wrong.
For those dads who have sons they show them how to treat and respect women by showing their sons how they love their wives. And the same if they have daughters, their daughters see how daddy treats mommy and they know that they want to alter find a man who will treat them like they are the world.

My husband always puts me and the girls first and never thinks of himself, he is a selfless, loving caring man and daddy.”

Lisa: “I think daddyhood is all about providing love, care, and guidance, just like mommyhood. My hubby is great at daddyhood. He helps out, he’s a great playmate, and provides well, so I can stay home and be the primary caregiver. I think daddy’s who stay home rock, too.”

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  • Daddyhood means so much more than being a father to me. I am a biological father, but my kids call me ‘dad’ for a reason. Dad is a much more involved term to me. I think daddyhood is about making sure that your kids know that you love them, care about them, keep them safe, hold them accountable and teach them how to grow into positive, happy and productive people. I’m sure that daddyhood is very similar to mommyhood, so to speak, but maybe the tactics used by dads are slightly different than those used by mom. I am the kind of dad who loves to wrestle, play, exercise, explore, challenge and protect my kids (in a good way), whereas my wife is much more about nurturing, teaching, creating, cuddling and showing them how to communicate better. Anyway, that’s some of what daddyhood means to me – great post topic!

    Jeremy (Discovering Dad)s last blog post..What Dads Really Think About Quality Time

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