Family, Food, and Fireworks!

We’ve decided to stay an extra couple of days here in Chicago to continue our search for a new place. For those who don’t know (actually I’m not even sure if I’ve mentioned it here before), we’re moving back to the Chicago area to be closer to family. Mommy and I both have lived around Chicago all of our lives, and as much as we LOVE Chicago, it was a relief to experience new surroundings when we moved down to Southern Illinois where we currently reside. But it has become a hassle making the long, 6 hour trips to Chicago to visit family especially with gas prices on the rise (and the ol’ Ford Taurus ain’t exactly excited about it either). In the past, we’d visit our families just on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a couple of times during the summer. But now that Boogie’s in the picture, I’d like for him to be around his family a lot more. So right now we’re on the hunt for the perfect place to call home. Feels like an episode of House Hunters. Pssh yeah I watch House Hunters, so what?

Our 4th of July was wonderful! It started off with a barbecue at Mommy’s mother’s (wow that sounded crazy) house. Boogie was able to meet more of his family, while I worked on getting myself better acquainted with the mounds of burgers and ribs! When it started to get dark out, Mommy, Boogie, and I headed to a local park to watch some fireworks. We had decided that we’d watch the fireworks from inside the car since the explosions can get a bit loud. We didn’t know if Boogie’s little ears could handle it. The only problem was trying to find a spot to park that wasn’t blocked by a house, in front of a fire hydrant or driveway, or taken already. After almost an hour of searching, I had begun to lose hope. And that’s when I found it! The perfect spot… or so I thought. The parking spot was situated in between two houses. No fire hydrants. No driveways. The fireworks had already begun, and we would’ve been able to see them perfectly clear. The only problem was a huge tree in the way that blocked out half the fireworks. If only I had been able to back up just a little bit more, we would’ve had a perfect view of the fireworks… but my rear bumper would’ve ended up a foot deep into the grill of a Buick. We still enjoyed the show, although Boogie slept through the entire thing!

Also while here in Chicago, we were lucky to meet a fellow blogger, and two of her beautiful children, Popeye and The Beast! Usually Boogie would coo his little butt off when he got around new people, but he was a little shy this time around. Maybe next time! Hope to see you again, Jaymi!

So how was everyone else’s 4th of July weekend?

Family, Food, and Fireworks! Sophistishe.com0Family, Food, and Fireworks! Sophistishe.com0Family, Food, and Fireworks! Sophistishe.com0Family, Food, and Fireworks! Sophistishe.com0Family, Food, and Fireworks! Sophistishe.com0Family, Food, and Fireworks! Sophistishe.comFamily, Food, and Fireworks! Sophistishe.comFamily, Food, and Fireworks! Sophistishe.com
Family, Food, and Fireworks! Sophistishe.com

Sheena Tatum

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Family, Food, and Fireworks! Sophistishe.com
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