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sleepy wrap baby carrier Jayden is one who does NOT like to be layed down. If you do so much as to tilt him like you’re going to lay him down, he will start to fuss. Although he loves his bouncer, he will only tolerate it for so long. So when he refuses to nap on his own or sit in his bouncer, I pull out the Sleepy Wrap! *insert super hero music here*

Oh, how Jayden and I just love our Sleepy Wrap! It has become a product that we use for hours each day. It is something we absolutely cannot go without. I can just pop him in the Sleepy Wrap, continue working on the computer, or pick up around the house. Jayden can be screaming one minute and knocked out within 5 minutes after putting him inside. If he wakes up to nurse, I don’t even have to take him out. Just pop out one of the girls for an easy and discreet nursing. Jayden feels safe knowing he is attached to his Mommy and Mommy gets the joy of watching her little man peacefully chuckling and snorting while sleeping.

The Sleepy Wrap is so comfy! It is made out of a fabric that resembles stretchy cotton jogging pants, heavy cotton knit with a touch of spandex to be exact. Wearing the Sleepy Wrap is like literally wearing a favorite relax in shirt with a baby attached to the front, lol. I love how the Sleepy Wrap supports my back, Jayden’s hips, bottom, and legs. No skin chaffing, muscle tearing, or back breaking involved!

The Sleepy Wrap is durable and machine washable. Jayden occasionally spits up and poops on ours, so it has been through many wash cycles. The Sleepy Wrap is such a great investment. It wouldn’t hurt to have more than one on hand. They come in 12 natural colors which should go with any outfit. Since I wear a lot of browns, that is the color that I chose. My next choice would be grey. The Sleepy Wrap is a must have for babywearing mamas, papas, and munchkins!

I received a Sleepy Wrap carrier for review purposes. All opinions are my own :).

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  • Oh, I wish I would have discovered those when my LIttle Del was still itty bitty! I’m currently researching a replacement for my Peanut Shell pouch carrier, which wasn’t near as snugly (but very cute!)

    I’m curious what you’re wearing these days now that Boogie is bigger. Is the sleepy wrap sizing up well for you?

  • Reply July 29, 2008


    Hi again!  I “met” you during the Ultimate Blog Party!!

    what a great review…I just started carrying Sleepy Wraps at my little babywearing shop (…Glad you’re feelin’ the love!

  • Reply July 13, 2008


    I put nia in a sling when i wanted to be productive around the house. she was snug in it…looked like a baby kangaroo in the mother’s pouch. she loved it (always fell asleep) and i loved it (because she slept)! i don’t know what brand it was…it was passed on to me and i’ve since passed it on to a new mommy.

    I just love your hair! Did you do it yourself?

    daras last blog post..Concerned About Greenwashing?

  • Reply July 12, 2008


    I have the sleepy wrap too and LOVE IT!!

    Skys last blog post..The Oath

  • Reply July 11, 2008

    Lisa C

    First off, I love love love your braids!!! The color looks wonderful on you.
    My babies were the same way. You couldn’t even act like you were going to put them down! I loved my sling and wrap too! It allowed me to still get work done around the house, keep the baby quiet, and keep my sanity at the same time :-)

    You’re doing a great job, Mommy!! You too, Daddy ;-)

    Lisa Cs last blog post..How To Love Your Man…

  • Reply July 11, 2008


    I loved them too! I’m so heartbroken right now because I can’t wear my lil munchkin. Per doctor’s orders I have to wait until I can wear him on my back because of the pulling on the front is causing back pressure. Okay i know that didnt sound like it made sense, but it does. lol

    Quiskaeyas last blog post..Thrifty Thursday: Vacation On A Budget

  • Reply July 11, 2008


    and he sure looks cozy and sleepy! LOL! I really like the color as well.

    Shelizas last blog post..Now That’s Some BULLS@#T !!!

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