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I Really Wish She Would Stop Leaving These Things Laying Around The House…

Just another one of the lovely perks of living with a breastfeeding mom. This post, written by Greg, was originally posted at mommydaddyblog.com.

Warning: This Post Contains High Levels of Cuteness!

You have been warned! [flickr]photo:2775079800(medium)[/flickr][flickr]photo:2775079740(medium)[/flickr][flickr]photo:2774226865(medium)[/flickr][flickr]photo:2774226787(medium)[/flickr][flickr]photo:2774226663(medium)[/flickr][flickr]photo:2775079382(medium)[/flickr][flickr]photo:2775079928(medium)[/flickr][flickr]photo:2775079864(medium)[/flickr][flickr]photo:2774227147(medium)[/flickr] For those of you who haven’t stopped by our Flickr Photostream in a while, these are some pictures of our little booger that we took last week. As you can see from the last three pictures he’s doing really well with holding his head up. He’s actually been doing itContinue Reading

The Almighty To-Do List – Overcoming The Seemingly Impossible For New Parents

Once you become a new parent you’ll notice that your to-do list seems to grow from 5 to 500, with more and more tasks piling up and less and less tasks getting done. Today I came across an old to-do list I had from before Boogie arrived and I couldn’t believe how much I wasContinue Reading

Family Walks, Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

There’s a jogging/walking trail which runs behind our apartment complex. It is completely out in the open. Daddy thought it would be a good idea to walk it as a family each morning (I don’t know how long that will last). We’d be spending time together getting a little exercise and fresh air. Why didn’tContinue Reading

I’m Not Having Any More…

Daddy and I attempted to get our sleeping back on track (we’re night owls) by going to bed at 8PM the other day, but Boogie was not having it. He started to fuss in the middle of the night. He’s teething, did I mention that? We brought him in the living room for new scenery.Continue Reading

Moving With A New Baby

I hope you all have been enjoying the numerous posts by Mommy and the guest posts by all the wonderful moms over the past couple of weeks, but now it’s time to inject some testosterone back into Mommy Daddy Blog! Yup, I’m back, and still exhausted from our recent move. Yes, call us crazy, butContinue Reading

We Made It Through The Move!

Written by Greg. We aren’t fully unpacked yet, but we MADE IT through the move! We thought it would NEVER end! Originally, we were supposed to move August 1st, but we weren’t ready. We ended up hitting the road with MOST of our stuff on the 6th. Before we hit the road, we were sureContinue Reading

Guest Post: (Organizing) Life With a New Baby: Follow the (M) Rules

Don’t worry. This is not going to be another post about how you need to buy baskets to put inside your baby’s cupboards to contain his socks and then baskets to put on the closet shelves to hold her jackets and then more baskets for the floor to hold the dirty laundry. Nor is itContinue Reading

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