Moving With A New Baby

I hope you all have been enjoying the numerous posts by Mommy and the guest posts by all the wonderful moms over the past couple of weeks, but now it’s time to inject some testosterone back into Mommy Daddy Blog! Yup, I’m back, and still exhausted from our recent move. Yes, call us crazy, but it was a much needed move. Hardly any members of our families were there when Boogie was born (only our mothers were able to make it), and they’re all missing out on his baby milestones. Boogie is almost four months old now, and before we know it he’ll be in college partying with hot chicks studying hard. We just wanted him to be able to grow up around his family, which is why we made the move that we did.

And what a hectic move it was! We’ve been through the moving process before and we know how tough it can be. But this time was different. I actually wish this time was just tough (that word sounds so girly now). No no, this time we were moving with a new baby! *Dun dun duuuuuuuun*! I don’t know if any of you ever had or will have to endure moving with a new baby, but I just wanted to share some tips that proved helpful for us during this strenuous move…

Take turns. There were times when Boogie would sleep for hours and we wouldn’t hear a peep out of him. Then there were also the times when he would scream at the top of his lungs if he didn’t have our total undivided attention. These were the times when we took turns with our roles. I would pack and paint while Mommy watched over Boogie. Then after a while, we would switch, and Mommy would pack while I watched over Boogie. This helped us get some packing done while at the same time still be able to watch Boogie show us the 27 different ways he can make drool bubbles.

Take advantage of every second that he’s asleep. The very moment Boogie closed his eyes and we heard that cute little baby snore, we rushed to get as much packing done together as we could. Because we knew before long he would be waking up screaming for some boob.

Use a sling or wrap. This method really worked for Mommy during the times I was at work throughout our whole moving process. Carrying Boogie around in her sleepy wrap or a sling helped her get some small stuff done while at the same time care for him. Me on the other hand, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a baby carrier!


Not me…



Moving With A New Baby Sophistishe.com


Stop laughing.

Stock up on Tylenol. Headaches, headaches, headaches; that’s all I have to say.

If all else fails, get some help. We didn’t have any help moving out of our old place, but having help moving into our new place was definitely a relief. It lessened the workload for us, and family members offering to babysit enabled us to get things organized without worries or interruptions.

And then there’s one tip I’d like to share that we didn’t use but I wish we would’ve…

Pack the TVs and computers FIRST! It’s so easy to get distracted by an episode of Scrubs or an article about seven people who cheated death and kicked it in the balls. We wasted so much time being drawn into to our TVs and computers and all it did was prolong the moving process.

Alright so now I want to hear what you have to say! Whether or not you’ve had to go through the process of moving with a new baby, if you have any tips, feel free to share them!

Moving With A New Baby Sophistishe.com0Moving With A New Baby Sophistishe.com0Moving With A New Baby Sophistishe.com0Moving With A New Baby Sophistishe.com0Moving With A New Baby Sophistishe.com0Moving With A New Baby Sophistishe.comMoving With A New Baby Sophistishe.comMoving With A New Baby Sophistishe.com
Moving With A New Baby Sophistishe.com

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Moving With A New Baby Sophistishe.com
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7 Responses to “Moving With A New Baby”

  1. Suzie says:

    Havnt done it yet but I hope to in the next few years.  Sounds scary.

    Suzies last blog post..Moms= Sexy Superheros

  2. Well, I would say get a mover which sounds like a brilliant plan -they pack for you!  But I know it is pricey and unless you go with a big name (and sometimes even if you do) there is ALWAYS a headache associated with it.

    Kudos to you for being able to move with a new baby.  We moved into our home 5 days before I gave birth. I was on modified bedrest so I did nothing, nada, just relaxed.

    Thats it. Next Mommy be pregnant and on bedrest!

    Just joking, great post. Love the carrier Daddy. My husband would only wear a baby bjorn but it worked!

    Renee aka MekhisMoms last blog post..Who Me?

  3. Amber says:

    Yeah….DH also said he didn’t want to look ‘gay’ and said he wouldn’t wear DD, but he was the one who suggested we not pack the stroller on a recent weekend vaca!  He also wore her when I had to work last weekend and DD even took her nap on his back!

    Love the pouch…is it a Slingling?  I have the print on my site.

  4. Sheliza says:

    Great sling! LOL! Yes, we have moved before with a new baby (twice at that!) Lucky for us, we did not have as much stuff since we were just starting out and I was much younger and more fit then so it did not bother me much. Get me to move now with a baby and I will not make it! The hubby would have to pay someone to pack, move, clean, unpack and clean again. Hence, I am staying put! I guess the thing you have to look at is if everything does not get done each day, it’s okay. As long as everyone has their needs met then all the rest can wait. This post leads me to see that Boogie is running thangs up in there! LOL!!

    Shelizas last blog post..Don’tcha hate it when…. Wednesday

  5. Jessica says:

    I love your advice about moving!  It sounds just like my husband and I when we sold our house.  Our son was about 9 months old & crawling when we sold our house & ohmygosh!  Talk about hectic! :)  Glad you are all moved into the new place though… and I LOVE that picture of Daddy and Boogie, so stinkin’ adorable!

    Jessicas last blog post..I am stressed.

  6. Well I think you too look awfully cute together! Congrats on having made it to the other side.

    Kelly from Almost Frugals last blog post..Six Months Ago on Almost Frugal

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