Monthly Archives: September 2008

Huge Update On Boogie!

So we’ve been kind of slacking on the Boogie updates. We know. We’re sorry. We’ve been taking tons of pictures, but have taken our sweet old time getting them uploaded. And what’s an update on our Little Man without pictures? Well we’ve finally gotten them some uploaded and would like to share them, along withContinue Reading

Breaking News: Our Cell Phones Have Been Stolen!

This post was written by Greg which originally appeared on mommydaddyblog.com. I cannot believe that someone was sneaky enough to steal our cell phones from right under our noses! The thief even had the audacity to eat (that’s right, EAT!) my cell phone and text his buddies on Mommy’s. The alleged perpetrator has been reportedContinue Reading

Guest Post: Recommended Books From Christine Lowe Woolard

It’s never too soon to instill in your children a love of books and reading. Of course, when they are infants, that love begins with the sound of your voice! Reading aloud is important to the development of your child’s hearing and recognition of basic phonetic sounds which will later assist in language development. AsContinue Reading

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