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Flashback Friday: Where’s My Chips?

This post was written October 22nd 2007 on my blog that I threw in the trash (I need to seriously do something with it). I was pregnant which explains the craving… See my pumpkin? Isn’t it cute? There’s a story behind it. Some weeks ago Greg went to the store to pick up a fewContinue Reading

Breadsticks, NOM NOM NOM!

We took a trip to Olive Garden last Thursday. Guess who got into the breadsticks? [youtube h09Zx5r4RHk]Check out more of our videos at New Baby! Be sure to watch our New Baby widget on our sidebar for new video uploads!

Wordless Wednesday: Jack-O-Boogie!

Wordless Wednesday: Jack-O-Boogie!

More from this set, here.

Wordless Wednesday: Like Son, Like Father

Trying Out For The Supermom Role.

Something really great happened to us a week ago. It is why I’ve been able to be more productive. We will be blogging about it separately as it deserves a separate dedication. I’m on such a high! I am not Supermom, but I will attempt to reach my idea of the status. My mother alwaysContinue Reading

Here, Hold This!

I don’t know what it was. I can’t pinpoint the reason behind it why I did it. It just came out of nowhere. Today I called Boogie a “this” while I was handing him over to Mommy. I said, “Here, hold this.” It wasn’t until a few seconds later that I had started laughing atContinue Reading

I Miss Wearing Maternity Clothes :-(

Every day while trying to find something to wear in our closet, I reminisce on the days of being pregnant, flaunting my bump in Trendy Maternity Clothes. It seems like it was so much easier for me to find something to wear when I was pregnant. Now I have a bad case of nothing fitsContinue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Up To My Ears In Laundry!


Thursday Thirteen: His & Her Annoying Habits!

This post was originally posted at mommydaddyblog.com. Memes are always fun to do and it’s been a while since we did our last Wordless Wednesday or Flashback Friday. Today we’re doing our first ever Thursday Thirteen! The theme of this Thursday Thirteen will be habits that we find annoying about each other! Hope you allContinue Reading

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