Christmas & A Birthday

To update on the last post, the shelves look great in our living room. I got a couple of things from Marshalls to put on them. I’ll have to post a full picture of them both once I tidy up a bit. Greg’s mother sent me an Amazon gift card for my birthday and I ended up spending it on diapers. Go parenthood! We use more disposables than cloth since Greg prefers them. The bridal set came, but it was too small. I don’t know if my finger got bigger or the jeweler measured wrong. It looks like I need to get the set resized from 4.5 to a 5.

boogonchristmas Our Christmas was pretty quiet. We spent it at home together as a family. I had plans of making a nice dinner just because it was Christmas. I got as far as baking the hen. I was still recovering from being sick, so I really wasn’t in the mood to make the cabbage and cornbread. I ended up making some spaghetti with turkey and shrimp though. We don’t stress gifts, so Greg and I didn’t buy each other anything, well I may have snuck and bought Greg something. We didn’t buy Jayden anything since we had gotten quite a few review items that we let him play with before Christmas. The grandparents bought him some things too. Our goal this Christmas was to just avoid stress at all costs and be grateful for another year together.

Birthday Smoochiez Daddy Greg’s birthday was Monday. The inlaws came over with gifts. We all exchanged and then went out to eat at T.G.I. Friday’s. I got some sexy boots, Wii Sports Resort, and a nunchuck. Greg got money, 4 Wii games, and a clippers set. We still have to swap gifts with my mother. She finally moved, so she’s letting the finances recoup. She keeps telling me our stuff’s gonna be late and I keep telling her it doesn’t matter, lol.

022 Dinner was delish. Greg and I had the Jack Daniels Steak and Shrimp. The waiter was super nice, especially after Jayden launched his cup of water and fries on to the floor. Luckily, most of the fries made it on to Greg’s plate. The waiter scored extra cool points when handling the tip. Usually there’s a mandatory gratuity for larger parties. He took it off because he felt that it was the customer’s choice to tip him. Of course he got a nice tip :).

When we got home, we broke out the Wii games. We may have played Mario Galaxy a tad past sunrise, heh.


Well, that concludes my ramblings for today. Now it’s time to take down the tree and leap into what the new year holds. I’m so excited! More on my goals for the new year soon, none of which are unrealistic.

Random Parenting Tidbit:
When Jayden is out, he really is out. He fell off the couch Sunday and didn’t budge, lol.

He fell off the couch.

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    Holy cow is your little guy cute! Love that picture of him sleeping on the floor.

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