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Popinjay: An Update From The Dork

Well hello there, It seems that lately I’ve been coming around only for Popinjay, right? If I don’t get anything else posted, I make sure I do them, even if they are late. To break the pattern, I decided to post a few posts (below) before posting my habitually late Popinjay. This week’s challenge wasContinue Reading

Bare is good.

Winner Announced: Gianna When it comes to me and makeup, less is more. I’m an au naturale kind of girl. As long as my face stays fairly clear, I’m happy with just a cute lipgloss. I have been wanting to make my eyes pop, but Greg is convinced that I am fine without makeup. AndContinue Reading

Transitioning From Co-sleeping

It’s been 21 months of snuggles and convenient nights of sleep. However, somewhere down the line, in the last few months or so, co-sleeping has become less enjoyable. It’s been 3 months since Jayden decided to wean from “Mama Nom Noms” (breastfeeding). And after being punched and head butt one time too many, I decidedContinue Reading

Popinjay: The Flame is Very Much Alive

Like the fire needs the airI won’t burn unless you’re there. – I Need You | Frankie Beverly & Maze- Hustler’s Ambition | 50 Cent I’m participating in Popinjay, a weekly concept photography challenge hosted by michellependergrass.com. Last week’s challenge was ALIVE. Next week’s challenge is DORKY. Join us. pop⋅in⋅jay – a person given toContinue Reading

Popinjay: Toolbox of Hope

My laptop is very dear to me. I call it my toolbox. Since it’s from the Toughbook series, it is built to withstand drops, spills, and other toddler mistreatment. It also has a cool handle for easy grabbing. Inside, it holds everything that allows me to work from home. Everything I need to edit photos,Continue Reading

So What’s Next?

I have no idea. I am completely overwhelmed with the love and the support that I’ve received through emails, comments, tweets, and DMs. I mean y’all came out of the woodwork, lol. I really appreciate it. I have ideas for posts that I plan on writing, but my brain is trying to write them allContinue Reading

Let’s Try This Again

Warning, this is a long post! I started this post on November 22nd which explains why I said it’s been two months since my last post. It’s been two months since my last post and I must say that things are good. I look back last year and remember the days when we scrambled toContinue Reading

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