Monthly Archives: February 2010

You Too, Dad.

Last night, Jayden decided that Daddy needed his teeth brushed too.

Young And Pregnant. Let The Rudeness Begin.

Note: I’m not pregnant, sorry for the confusion! This post is about the pregnancy with our 22 month old. Seeing those two pink lines instantly appear on the two pregnancy tests I took? Best thing ever. Calling Greg up while he was in class (college) taking a test? Best thing ever. But when Greg andContinue Reading

Popinjay: Free

I’m in a place in my life where I am really feeling FREE. Free of adolescence, expectations, grades, the constant need to make others proud. I’m free of stress. I’m free of worry. I’m free to do what I want any old time… I’m participating in Popinjay, a weekly concept photo challenge. This week’s challengeContinue Reading

Boogology Jaydenisms

GAP sweater. Target jeans. Kids say the darndest things, so does Boogie. Here’s our current list of Boogology Jaydenisms. Say that five times in a row. Mum-mum: Me and anyone else who will snuggle with him including Daddy. Ooo Bootee: He says this when referring to his booty. Pathah: His word for Paci. Bwead: BreadContinue Reading

Growth Spurt Alert

Those of you who have been following me at my old blog know how concerned I was with Jayden’s weight. Once we introduced him to solids and he stopped nursing as much, his weight began to flatline. I’d dread going in for his well visits because he was not gaining weight. Being told that heContinue Reading

Popinjay: BOLD

The is a photo I took (and cropped) of a painting by Justin Vining. It hangs in the Uptown Café in Valparaiso, IN. It is the first thing that I noticed when I stepped foot in the café for the first time. The colors are simply amazing. I’m participating in Popinjay, a weekly concept photoContinue Reading

Enough About The Mattress Already.

Bizzie Mommy is having a giveaway for a Sealy Posturepedic® Signature 11-Series innerspring mattress and she’s asked bloggers to blog about why they need a new mattress as a way of entering. Well, my reason is simple. We’ve been sleeping on an air mattress since Summer of 2008. When we moved from Southern Illinois, weContinue Reading

Swooned By Google Chrome

I’ve always liked Google Chrome and I would use it occasionally because its performance was substantially faster than Mozilla Firefox. What kept me from using it as a default browser? Its lack of browser extensions. Well, now there are extensions available for Chrome. I was able to find an Chrome extension to replace almost everyContinue Reading

Hey Sweetbird, I’m behind you.

I love smoothies. I love discovering yummy products that are beneficial to my family’s health. I love getting behind a company that seamlessly fits into our lifestyle. Let me introduce you to Sweetbird. Why Sweetbird Rocks Sweetbird offers a range of 100% fruit smoothies made using freshly crushed fruit puree and a splash of greenContinue Reading

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