Boogology Jaydenisms

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GAP sweater. Target jeans.

Kids say the darndest things, so does Boogie. Here’s our current list of Boogology Jaydenisms. Say that five times in a row.

Mum-mum: Me and anyone else who will snuggle with him including Daddy.

Ooo Bootee: He says this when referring to his booty.

Pathah: His word for Paci.

Bwead: Bread

Tuhkey: Turkey

Cooktie: Cookie

Cheece: Cheese

Fwies: Fries

Buh buys: Blueberries

Gapes: Grapes

Kittlets: Skittles

Wawa: Water and anything else drinkable.

Nomnom: I want some food.

Ships: Chips

Yellooow!: The first color that he learned how to say. He ran with it and it is still a favorite.

Wahmart: Walmart

I knooow!: He blurts this out at random.

Dom: We think he’s trying to say “come”. He says this whenever he wants us to get up and do something.

Uh oh, got.: When something falls down, if something is dropped, or if the fire alarm sounds, Boogie shows his concern with Uh oh “God”.

Dat Natny!: He says this when anyone cuts the cheese, himself included.

What are some funny/cute things your child(ren) say or have said? I can use a laugh!

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Sheena Tatum

is the founder of Sophistishe. She's a free spirit, wife, boy mom, rental rebel, curator of pretty things, lover of vintage pyrex, and the tropics. Sheena can be found in NW Indiana with her husband and two scrumptious boys, clutching kraft paper, chalkboard paint, sriracha and chipotle pepper. In the midst of motherhood, wifedom, and managing a growing collection of digital projects, she somehow manages to find zen in being a quirky, introverted, lil’ lady.


  • He says “Walmart?” OMG. My gal always said fries or MckD’s… I love it. You know where we frequent.
    .-= Rachelle @ They Call Me Mommy´s last blog ..Another resident artist =-.

  • Reply February 26, 2010


    He is adorable!
    .-= Joanna´s last blog ..Hey. Oh uh, come on, um in! =-.

  • Reply February 15, 2010

    Alisa N.

    I’m luvin’ all the Jaydenisms. It’s really amazing to hear their little voices. I’m impressed he knows store names, we haven’t gotten there yet my munchkin is still stuck on NO, All done & A go (let’s go). LOL

  • Reply February 14, 2010


    Mini me doesn’t have any cute mispronunciations any more, but her very first word was “Stop!”, and she said that for about 2 months before she would say anything else :)

  • Reply February 14, 2010


    Aww!! How cute!!~ I can’t wait for Willie to start talking. He does do this one cute thing where he slaps his hands down to his side and says –ten-shun! (attention) He also loves to say “Hey daddy!” He still has yet to say mommy. I am hoping and praying he will start soon. I think we have pampered him way too much!

  • Reply February 13, 2010


    I’ve heard him say Nom nom a time or two :)

  • Reply February 13, 2010


    “Dat natny”, LOL! Cute kid. Haha. Let’s see, Ryan also says bwead. He says “love shoo” for “I love you”, which makes me melt every single time!

  • Reply February 13, 2010

    Cat @ 3 Kids and Us

    LMAO Dat Natny! I love it. Kaydee’s fart is, “ha ha ha I got fawwts!”

  • Reply February 13, 2010


    Wahmart……That’s a boy after my heart LOL.

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