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Today, I packed his lunch for the first time.

We’re going on a picnic, today, to the park. Each mom is bringing lunch for their kiddos. Today, I packed Jayden’s lunch for the first time and I’m wondering if I even packed enough. He’s already had at least 10 slices of deli meat (no lie), a bowl of chips, and half of a peachContinue Reading

Today was a veg day.

Yesterday night seemed endless. Jayden hadn’t napped at all during the day and he would not go to sleep at bedtime. He went down twice well past midnight and woke up both times. He finally went down for good around 6am. 6am people. We had to get up at 10am because our landlords stopped byContinue Reading

Park Day March 24, 2010

Yesterday during our playdate, we took a trip to the park. I was exhausted, but I managed to snap a few photos.

I thought The Princess and the Frog would be my babysitter.

And the winners are: Loni (trippyjanet) & Sheila (skkorman)! Congrats! This afternoon I decided to pop in a DVD in hopes of entertaining Jayden while I attempted to get some work done on my laptop. We had received The Princess and the Frog Blu-ray Combo Pack last week, so I thought that would be aContinue Reading

Dishes in the tub. No food outside of the kitchen.

The pipes underneath our kitchen sink have cracked and come apart. They are plastic. Genius. Rather than let this disaster come in between our daily tasks. We made lemons out of lemonade. Last night we washed dishes…in the tub. We transported the dirty dishes upstairs in a laundry hamper. Excuse the nasties. It’s flour fromContinue Reading

Random Thoughts That Read Like Tweets

I think I’ve given away and sold almost 50% of my wardrobe including pjs and purses. I ain’t partin’ with my shoes, sorry! The Department of Education ate my tax return. Thank gawd I got a new gig. I’m so ready for spring weather, frequent park days, curtains blowing along stormy winds, and the smellContinue Reading

I’m riding the wayback machine while building an American Greetings PhotoWorks Studio Book.

I’m in the process of taking the wayback machine through old photos of Jayden. Since his 2nd birthday is right around the corner, I figured, why not create a book documenting his first 2 years? Mom Central and American Greetings PhotoWorks teamed up to offer me the opportunity to create a baby themed Studio Book.Continue Reading

A Week Ago…Today

We had a special GNO with delicious Mexican cuisine, chocolate cupcakes, and a yummy punch. We held baby Thatcher and our ovaries quivered. We had girl talk. We laughed, hysterically. We said goodbye to our friend. Farewell dear Carrington. Wednesday playdates and GNO will never be the same, but we are elated to see youContinue Reading

All the cool kids drink from Tommee Tippee Explora Sippy Cups.

It’s been ages since we bought new sippy cups. We’ve just dealt with the ones we have. Some would leak if we didn’t screw the lids on properly and some were such a chore to clean. Jayden is almost two and it’s time his sippy cups reflect that. And I wouldn’t complain if they wereContinue Reading

White Chicken Chili With Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken Breasts

And the winners are: Joanna, Tracey Byram, Nicole Greene, Joanne Schultz, and Sharon Harmon! I love cooking, but I am constantly searching for ways to get me out of the kitchen faster so that I can move on to the next task. Brands like Tyson understand the need of providing time efficient meal solutions forContinue Reading

Your Baby Can Read: Walmart Edition

Remember the Boogology Jaydenisms? I’ll wait. One of the words on that list was “Wahmart” and it has turned into the next best thing that has graced little man’s mouth since “Dat Natny.” It all started on a random day. A Walmart commercial had come on. You know how all of the Walmart commercials endContinue Reading

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