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Greening My Nail Polish Collection

A few months ago, I went through my nail polish collection and tossed the bottles I’ve had for years and years. This is before I knew how to properly dispose of them. I still have 35 bottles that I know I will be disposing of for sure and 7 in question. For now, I amContinue Reading

Anyfont Plugin & Atahualpa Theme: Quote & Angle Bracket Title Fix

When I was using the Atahualpa theme, I ran into these 2 issues which I found little support for. Hopefully these solutions help someone Googling their hearts out for the same issues. To remove “> (quote & angle bracket) from post titles In /atahualpa/bfa_post_parts.php, find <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title();Continue Reading

Another Wonderful Birthday For The Boogz

The night before his birthday, we grilled meats and baked cupcakes. This cupcake was decorated by Greg. I crossed out his #fail at writing Boogie. The day of, Greg blew up balloons and put up streamers. Jayden greeted his guests completely bottomless. He was convinced he was supposed to walk around in his birthday suit.Continue Reading


In just two years, he went from this to this to this. Today, our little cherub turns two. More from this year’s party coming soon…

Ambition At The Beach

Last Wednesday, our play group headed to the beach. When we left, the weather was lovely. We had taken our jackets off. We were ready for some fun in the sun. As we got closer to the lake, oh boy did things change! The weather seemed to be 10 degrees cooler than it had beenContinue Reading

Using Sofn’Free n’Pretty GroHealthy On My Boy

Using Sofn’Free n’Pretty GroHealthy On My Boy

Before having Jayden, we decided that we would not give him haircuts. We’d let his hair grow out and if he decided he wanted it cut when he got older, we’d allow it. His hair growth is pretty much at a standstill. I’d like to be able to style it in braids and twists, butContinue Reading

What story does your salad have to tell?

Congrats to: Sue (s.mickelson), Christine Sarkauskas, Nicole Greene, Stephanie Coldwell, and Katherine (kkondek)! Have you ever picked up a bag of your favorite salad and wondered where the leafy greens were grown? If you are partial to Fresh Express, they have a new online Leaf Locator that tracks where the lettuce and spinach in eachContinue Reading

Pee Pee In Da Potty

So the time has come for us to start actively potty training our little guy. He’s ripping the diapers off and sitting in the potty. He’s been wiping himself and throwing toilet paper in the toilet since he was about 15 months. He knows his body part pretty well, especially his ooo booty. We keepContinue Reading

My Secret Tips For Shopping Frugally Online

Some call me the bargain queen, but I’m certainly not the coupon princess. When it comes to shopping online, however, I can get a little OCD. I will pinch until I can’t pinch any more. People are amazed when I tell them about my fabulous come ups; like my son’s $2 Nike outfit and $4Continue Reading

What’s Up In My World

Well, I’m focusing on family life, our well being, better living overall. I’m making time to do stuff like this (doing my nails & taking random pics of my hair). I’m making stuff like this (pineapple salsa and peach raspberry muffins). I think I’m going to start preparing meals for the month(s). I’ve drastically decreasedContinue Reading

Ultimate Blog Party Twenty Ten

Hello Ultimate Blog Party attendees! Welcome to Sophistishe! If you’ve been here before, hello again! Before I start rambling about myself, first let me say… Susan and Janice, you rock. I remember wandering on to your blog 4 years ago. I wasn’t even a mom, but I kept coming back. It has since flourished intoContinue Reading

The locomotive in our playroom may come visit you.

Winner Announcement: Congrats to Carol (cdziuba)! Since we received our new train toy box from Guidecraft, our playroom has been cleaner than it has ever been. There are no more bins turned over with toys spilling out of them. The space definitely looks cooler too. All we need is a few finishing touches, maybe aContinue Reading

Playdate Therapy

Before giving birth to my son, I never thought much about playdates. But after he was born and the months began fly by, I started to realize that my boy was growing up. He needed to be around others so that he could learn from them, grow up with them, and embrace childhood together asContinue Reading

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