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April 2010

  • Primp

    Greening My Nail Polish Collection

    A few months ago, I went through my nail polish collection and tossed the bottles I’ve had for years and years. This is before I knew how to properly dispose of…

  • Another Wonderful Birthday For The Boogz

    Another Wonderful Birthday For The Boogz

    The night before his birthday, we grilled meats and baked cupcakes. This cupcake was decorated by Greg. I crossed out his #fail at writing Boogie. The day of, Greg blew up…

  • Kids


    In just two years, he went from this to this to this. Today, our little cherub turns two. More from this year’s party coming soon……

  • Kids

    Potty Training

    So the time has come for us to start actively potty training our little guy. He’s ripping the diapers off and sitting in the potty. He’s been wiping himself and throwing…

  • Digitally Speaking

    Ultimate Blog Party Twenty Ten

    Hello Ultimate Blog Party attendees! Welcome to Sophistishe! If you’ve been here before, hello again! Before I start rambling about myself, first let me say… Susan and Janice, you rock. I…

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