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May 2010

  • Primp

    Zoya Nail Polish Exchange Update

    Last month, I sent off 8 bottles of my old nail polish to the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange. Within 7 days of shipping my old polish, Zoya sent me 8 new…

  • Kids

    Toddler Reset

    Our boy child has been such a handful lately. Yes, I said boy child. He had been sick from Wednesday through Saturday with a runny nose and off and on mild…

  • Primp

    Marshalls Mania: Behind the Seams

    Weeks ago, I mentioned that Greg and I took a trip to Marshalls to do some Mother’s Day shopping for myself. With $50 to spend (courtesy of Marshalls), I chose… a…

  • Kids

    The Task Of Brushing A Toddler’s Teeth

    We’ve watched our two year old son go from gummy grins to cheesey choppers in less than 18 months. We couldn’t wait for the day that his mouth would be filled…

  • greghaircut
    Natural Hair

    I Rock Teh Clippers.

    Last Christmas, Greg’s mom got him set of clippers. I think I was more excited about the set than he was. We live in an area where ethnic hair salons and…

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