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At Home

Friday, my mother brought over a pantry cabinet that she wasn’t using. It feels so good to have some extra space to store food, dishes, and cookware. I also went grocery shopping alone. I only went over our budget by $40 and brought home a nice variety of extras. Greg keeps commending me for myContinue Reading

Hot Fun in the Springtime…

Jayden appears to be a little ashy in the photos. It’s sunscreen. It’s so hard to rub that stuff in! More photos on Flickr…

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange Update

Last month, I sent off 8 bottles of my old nail polish to the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange. Within 7 days of shipping my old polish, Zoya sent me 8 new bottles of polish of my choice at 50% off! I’ve used three of the colors so far; Creamy, Tosca, and Robyn. The Creamy colorContinue Reading

Toddler Reset

Our boy child has been such a handful lately. Yes, I said boy child. He had been sick from Wednesday through Saturday with a runny nose and off and on mild fever. During that time, he received extra special care; especially from Daddy. He melts when his little guy isn’t feeling well. Boy child gotContinue Reading

Marshalls Mania: Behind the Seams

Weeks ago, I mentioned that Greg and I took a trip to Marshalls to do some Mother’s Day shopping for myself. With $50 to spend (courtesy of Marshalls), I chose… a cutting board ($7.99), marble rolling pin ($9.99), salt and pepper shaker set ($5.99), and a fresh pod for onions ($2.99), all of which willContinue Reading

The Task Of Brushing A Toddler’s Teeth

We’ve watched our two year old son go from gummy grins to cheesey choppers in less than 18 months. We couldn’t wait for the day that his mouth would be filled with teeth. One thing that never crossed our minds? The task that would come with brushing a toddler’s teeth. We’d grab him a cuteContinue Reading

There’s a space shuttle in his room.

A cardboard one; with a Scooby wizard on top. To preserve space, we left the wings off of the shuttle. Jayden, like any other curious kid, loves hanging out and hiding in corners, closets, and boxes. When KidsCraft offered to send us the Shuttle Imagination, I knew this playhouse would be a hit in ourContinue Reading

Not a dish in the sink; a toddler maybe.

We had been fighting with our dishwasher for quite some time. It seemed that no matter what we did, the dishes would continue to come out splattered with bits of food. We dug out any traces of food at the bottom of the dishwasher and made sure that we didn’t block off the water spout,Continue Reading

Is Freschetta FlatBread Betta?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine. I eat frozen pizza maybe once or twice a month. I usually stick to Jack’s, sometimes I’ll try something from DiGiorno. Strangly enough, I have never tried Freschetta pizzas until last week. It’s always great to try beforeContinue Reading


You are looking at what Jayden calls his “unnies”. He received a couple of packs for his birthday and I completed the collection with some Ebay and Walmart finds. He’s SO excited to wear “unnies”, so hopefully they will help us during this potty training journey. He’s trying to go to the toilet. He letsContinue Reading

Jayden’s Star Shaped Birthday Cupcakes. Weelicious Recipe. Wilton Supplies.

And the winner is: lilshuga2001 I have to say that I baked the best cupcakes ever for Jayden’s 2nd birthday. Seriously. Since we were going with a simple star theme, I wanted the cupcakes to be in the shape of stars. I had already saved a simple recipe for mini vanilla cupcakes I found onContinue Reading

Tellin’ On Myself Tuesday: I Steal And I Cheat

I’m a thief. Last Wednesday, I didn’t pay for my Starbucks. She paid for hers and was handed her drink. Then, came mine and we drove off not realizing what just happened. Too lazy to turn around and go inside to pay, I just said I’ll pay next time. The cashier is going to thinkContinue Reading

Mother’s Day Thumbs Up

Balloons. Music. Naked toddler running around. Nail polish. Laptop. Alone time to indulge in my latest decor obsession. Hot shower. Clean hair. Delicious Chinese food delivered. I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day. I sure did.

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