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You are looking at what Jayden calls his “unnies”. He received a couple of packs for his birthday and I completed the collection with some Ebay and Walmart finds. He’s SO excited to wear “unnies”, so hopefully they will help us during this potty training journey. He’s trying to go to the toilet. He lets us know when he has to poop or has started. He’ll say, “poop toilet.” And then we’ll take him to the toilet to let him finish, followed by a series of “Yay you did it’s.”

A few days ago, he came running down the hall with a loaded diaper. He said “I poop”, sniffed inside, said “stinky”, and handed it over to me. Oh and a few days after that, he handed me a turd wrapped up in a dryer sheet. We HAVE to get this kid potty trained because he refuses to keep a diaper on. And we’re not open to surprises…

Did “unnies” encourage your kid(s) to potty train?

Unnies Sophistishe.com0Unnies Sophistishe.com0Unnies Sophistishe.com0Unnies Sophistishe.com0Unnies Sophistishe.com0Unnies Sophistishe.comUnnies Sophistishe.comUnnies Sophistishe.com
Unnies Sophistishe.com

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Unnies Sophistishe.com
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