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Michelle’s (Un)inviting Porch

My friend Michelle has got the porch blues. She feels her wrap around porch is…uninviting. These little guys beg to differ. At any rate, she’s looking for design tips. Personally, I think her porch just needs some color. She can’t paint or stain the porch, but maybe she paint the swings and dining set somethingContinue Reading

Father’s Day Belated

I could write a post full of Hallmark sentiments and gush, but I won’t. It’s just not my nature. Instead I’ll say that I love my Gregory deeply and he is the perfect example of what a father should be. Growing up, it wasn’t rare to see my peers without daddies. And a select fewContinue Reading

For Now 11:48 PM

This is what he should be doing, but he isn’t. Instead, he is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with his Daddy. And because I am in a zombie-like state, this is all I got…for now. 11:48 PM

My Toddler LOVES Him Some Sukey’s Circle

I had received an invitation to a puppet show in NYC and since we live in Chicago, I was unable to attend. Receiving invites to events in NYC is nothing rare. I usually just brush them off. Sometimes I’ll ask to be contacted if that same event comes to Chicago. Well, that’s what I didContinue Reading

We’re going on a trip…

in our favorite rocket ship, Zooming through the sky… Little Einsteins! It has taken Jayden a while to accept TV as a form of entertainment, but he has finally found a show (besides his Sukey’s Circle DVD) which he has become fascinated with; those little guys up there *points up*. Little Einsteins has taken overContinue Reading

Six-Fourteen Twenty-Ten

Today, we celebrated our 9 year anniversary of being in love. {giggle} Junior High Sweethearts, still going strong. {blooper} More photos on flickr…

Please help the @ConsumerQueen family. Their Oklahoma home flooded today.

Melissa’s husband rescuing a neighbor from her car. My friend Melissa of ConsumerQueen.com is in dire need of our help. Her Oklahoma home has flooded from a storm and much of her family’s belongings have been destroyed. They have no flood insurance and will have to depend on anything that the government will provide. HerContinue Reading

Six Flags And Dread(loc)ks

A few days ago, I wrote a post about an incredible deal Walmart had going on for Six Flags this summer. In return for that post, I received four tickets to Six Flags. Exciting right? Especially since we are in need of a fun family getaway. Well… It has come to my attention that thereContinue Reading

Not a grumble.

Jayden and I fell asleep on the couch last night. He woke up because he began to itch. I rubbed him down with soothing cream and by then he was screaming because he hates being itchy and sitting through being rubbed. I grabbed a sippy of water from the fridge and stumbled up the stairsContinue Reading

My First Egg Roll Attempt

I absolutely love egg rolls. Our local Chinese restaurant sells them in packs of 2 for $2.80. I wish that I could order nothing but egg rolls each week, but that would not be very frugal of me, would it? I decided that I would learn how to make egg rolls, so I’d be ableContinue Reading

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