Father’s Day Belated

I could write a post full of Hallmark sentiments and gush, but I won’t. It’s just not my nature. Instead I’ll say that I love my Gregory deeply and he is the perfect example of what a father should be.

Growing up, it wasn’t rare to see my peers without daddies. And a select few still had theirs around. I always wondered what it would be like to have someone to call Daddy. Someone to share that Daddy/Daughter relationship with. My “father” skipped town when I was about five or at least that’s what his roommates claimed. And my mother never dared bringing another man into our home. She wanted to protect me from potential harm.

So I sit here in a rocking chair, holding my child (and phone) in bliss knowing that he has a wonderful man that loves him dearly. A man that is dedicated to seeing that his son becomes a respectful young man and perfect father.

Last Sunday, we celebrated our third Father’s Day as a family. Here are some photos from that special day.

Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com

My boys.
Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com

Cheeze! My mom’s side of the family shines through his face.
Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com

Here I go!
Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com

Floppin’ in Mama’s flips.
Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com

A set of toes.
Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com

Cake. There was dinner too.
Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com

Just a nice quiet day at home, but it was much enjoyed.

Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com0Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com2Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com0Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com0Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com0Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.comFather’s Day Belated Sophistishe.comFather’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com
Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com

Sheena Tatum

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Father’s Day Belated Sophistishe.com
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8 Responses to “Father’s Day Belated”

  1. momma zen says:

    Your blog is wonderful. I love your photography and how you write.
    My 8 month old also has eczema and we cloth diaper (found you through cloth diapering blogs).

    Just so you know who the heck I am: http://flockofgulls.livejournal.com http://momma-zen.blogspot.com

    Note: My blogspot is being redone- It is going to be a cloth diapering (personal reviews), natural parenting , etc blog. The livejournal is remaining a personal blog.

  2. Nicole May says:

    This looks like the best possible Father’s Day!

  3. While my dad didn’t skip town, he wasn’t very active in my life past a certain point due to drama with my mom. We do know each other and somewhat speak but it’s not as close as a Father and daughter should be….according to Hallmark :) It’s great to see your hubby be such a important part of your family. Belated Happy Fathers Day!

  4. What a lovely trubute to the man in your life and the Father of your son.

  5. Stacie says:

    I love this, this is the perfect Father’s Day tribute. The pictures are adorable, my favorite being the “set of toes.” So cute! I am thrilled that your little one has such a devoted daddy :^D Hard to find, these days.

  6. Aubree says:

    Sheena! This post warms my heart! I can’t say how much joy I get from living vicariously through your adorable posts and family! (: You make me look forward to starting my own family in the future. =P ♥

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