Michelle’s (Un)inviting Porch

My friend Michelle has got the porch blues. She feels her wrap around porch is…uninviting.

These little guys beg to differ.

Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com

Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com

Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com

At any rate, she’s looking for design tips. Personally, I think her porch just needs some color. She can’t paint or stain the porch, but maybe she paint the swings and dining set something fun. Then, put out some BIG colorful plants. I’m also envisioning some vintage metal signs in the entryway areas. What would you suggest?

Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com
Photo taken by Michelle.

Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com0Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com3Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com0Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com0Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com0Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.comMichelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.comMichelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com
Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com

Sheena Tatum

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Michelles (Un)inviting Porch Sophistishe.com
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9 Responses to “Michelle’s (Un)inviting Porch”

  1. sophistishe says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, ladies!

  2. Yakini says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE her wrap-a-round porch. What a dream!!! I guess that just goes to show the grass is always greener, huh? :-)

  3. Holly says:

    I also really, really love that porch. I would leave it as it is but I would add some really big plants in some colorful, cool pots.

  4. Kim says:

    Great photos!

    I love the porch. My dream house has a porch like that!

  5. Thanks everyone! I can't paint or stain the porch, but I can add things that are painted. Maybe I should be scouring yard sales?

  6. I love her porch. Really rustic. I like it as it, but if she wants to dress it up, definitely some paint and some plants. Maybe pillows and more seating.

  7. Stacie says:

    I think your ideas are perfect! Just some painting, some plants, some vintage this and that, and she'll be set! What a lovely home.

    (Your pictures are fantastic, by the way.)

  8. Well I happen to think the porch is absolutely beautiful. I've always dreamed of having a wrap around porch. A little color and maybe some hanging shade plants (like a fuschia) would make it very inviting.

  9. Joanna says:

    I totally say paint the porch white! At least the railings. She could stain the porch floor something and seal it, if she wanted too…And paint the furniture and swing, I say black, but that's my go to color choice. :-) And then add color with a rug and throw pillows and cushions. More hanging flower baskets, I would do ferns, more in the centers than the on the sides of the open areas.

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