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Wet Wrap Therapy Update: He Doesn’t Need It

In this post, I was all gung-ho about trying wet wrap therapy on Jayden’s skin. Well…he doesn’t need it. We tried one night and he only stayed in his footie pjs for about 20 minutes before taking them off. He then, air dried in his thin thermal pjs and changed into a new pair. Anyway,Continue Reading

Got Fruit Flies?

We recently had an episode of fruit flies congregating in the kitchen. We looked up some natural ways to get rid of them. We tried sitting jars of apple cider vinegar with drops of dish liquid out to bait them. We even set some out with just the vinegar. They were drawn in, but theyContinue Reading

An Itty Bitty Carnival At Home

Since Jayden is a little older, I decided to sign up for Team Mom blog tours again. In the latest tour, we received a Pop on Pals Amusement Park Playset which Jayden could not wait to get out of the package – it was in there pretty TIGHT! He circled Greg exclaiming turys (toys)! untilContinue Reading

Reminiscing: Organic Boba Carrier (1G) ♥

A few months ago, I received a baby carrier to review; one that I have fallen in love with. But before I post the review, I must first share my love for the Boba Organic Carrier (1G). It would only be fair as it won me over first. I first reviewed the Boba on thatContinue Reading

Cucumber Salad. Yummy Yummy.

How We Went Paciless

Jayden at 5 months (October 2008). At 23 months, we hid them. And he didn’t even notice. Hold the applause :). Kiddo number two probably won’t be given one. – I’m taking a trip down memory lane through photos of Jayden I never edited or photos I feel need to be re-edited. His first yearContinue Reading

Eco Friendly Easy Lunch Boxes

And the winner is…Kristi Lundine! Congrats! I’ve been facinated with bento lunchboxes for years; since my late teens. I had the desire to impulsively buy a few, but I had no place to even bring my lunch to. So sadly I sat hoping for an excuse to use bento lunchboxes some day. Fast forward toContinue Reading

BlogHer Fashion And To Pop or Not?

Congrats to the following winners: @Southtexasstyle, AdventuresInBabywearing, Lauren (faupula), Mindi (mae), armyguardmom, Mo L., Macey (momsessential), Jennifer (madeli) and Joette L! I’m doing some last minute shopping for BlogHer and I’m hitting up Old Navy for some cute pieces. It’s definitely going to be hot outside and possibly chilly at the hotels, so I needContinue Reading

Your Exersaucer days are over, buddy.

Still A Baby In My Eyes

You’re growing tall and that scrumptious face of yours keeps maturing. Some chub’s still present. Belly. Knobby knees. Curled legs. Last year’s swim diaper still fits, but for how long?What are we going to do?

Good For Somethin’ Point And Shoot

Last night before bed, I grabbed my point and shoot off the dresser and started tinkering around. Truth is, I avoid it like the plague because I’m a DSLR girl. Not only did I dare to take pictures with it, I used the flash. That built-in source of artificial light. Only ’cause I didn’t wannaContinue Reading

Morning Muffins

This morning, I made the most delicious batch of muffins. I am definitely using this recipe as my base for muffins from now on. There’s less sugar in the recipe and the muffins come out fluffy; just how I like them. Of course, I always have to add my touches to a recipe. I usedContinue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Tarzanian Toddler

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