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July 2010

  • Food Recipes

    Got Fruit Flies?

    We recently had an episode of fruit flies congregating in the kitchen. We looked up some natural ways to get rid of them. We tried sitting jars of apple cider vinegar…

  • Kids

    How We Went Paciless

    Jayden at 5 months (October 2008). At 23 months, we hid them. And he didn’t even notice. Hold the applause :). Kiddo number two probably won’t be given one. — I’m…

  • Food Recipes

    Eco Friendly Easy Lunch Boxes

    And the winner is…Kristi Lundine! Congrats! I’ve been facinated with bento lunchboxes for years; since my late teens. I had the desire to impulsively buy a few, but I had no…

  • Primp

    BlogHer Fashion And To Pop or Not?

    Congrats to the following winners: @Southtexasstyle, AdventuresInBabywearing, Lauren (faupula), Mindi (mae), armyguardmom, Mo L., Macey (momsessential), Jennifer (madeli) and Joette L! I’m doing some last minute shopping for BlogHer and I’m…

  • Kids

    Still A Baby In My Eyes

    You’re growing tall and that scrumptious face of yours keeps maturing. Some chub’s still present. Belly. Knobby knees. Curled legs. Last year’s swim diaper still fits, but for how long?What are…

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