Got Fruit Flies?

Got Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.com

We recently had an episode of fruit flies congregating in the kitchen. We looked up some natural ways to get rid of them. We tried sitting jars of apple cider vinegar with drops of dish liquid out to bait them. We even set some out with just the vinegar. They were drawn in, but they were obviously too smart to land in the vinegar. Guess we should have used a funnel. We ended up loading the dishwasher and leaving it unlocked overnight. In the morning, we turned it on and poof, no more fruit flies.

Just thought I’d share this lil’ tidbit of domesticness with y’all.

Got Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.com0Got Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.com1Got Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.com0Got Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.com0Got Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.com0Got Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.comGot Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.comGot Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.com
Got Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.com

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Got Fruit Flies? Sophistishe.com
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2 Responses to “Got Fruit Flies?”

  1. Dealing with this since my recent vacation, thanks for the tips!

  2. Rachelle says:

    wish i'd seen this last week. came home from vacation to a swarm of em. took a whole week to lose all but ONE pest who is still circulating. Ever tried to swat the little-'uns? Like a comedy of errors.

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