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When I said I wanted to be spontaneous…

That didn’t include almost rear-ending a car and coming too close to a kid on a Hoveround. On Friday, we were on our way to Jay’s appointment with a new pediatrician when our brakes gave out. We were already running late. The traffic light turned red or maybe I was approaching a stop sign. Whatever,Continue Reading

In Memory Of Me (it’s not what you think)

Edited to add: Please do not be alarmed by this post! With the increase in online tragedies, I do not want this post to be taken the wrong way! There are times when I lay thinking about life and…death. Usually past my bedtime. My heart drops down to the pit of my stomach; I gaspContinue Reading

Sustainable Living & What It Means To Me

Sustainable Living. It’s a topic that often erupts a stream of overwhelming emotions. Where do I start? I was first influenced to start “going green” about a year before I became pregnant with Jayden. I started using CFL bulbs and I attempted using reusable shopping bags. I thought doing these things were so cool. IContinue Reading

Twitter Killed The Personal Post… Mine At Least

Once upon a time, I used to write nonsensical posts about my life; things Greg and I did, my pets that I loved dearly, stuff I bought, photos I had taken. Sometimes immaturely written. Point is, that time was before I became a mother. I had a lot of time on my hands. I’d stayContinue Reading

I chose to stumble.

I woke up this morning with a severe headache; starving for a meal and time to write about my childhood school years. Nothing tragic, but life lessons and reflections. Resentment. Grudges. Working things out in my head. Things I don’t want Jayden or our future children going through. Areas where I’ve failed because of myContinue Reading

Sunscreen Wipes. I discover them *now*.

Taken May 2010 – See the sunscreen? I have a grudge against suncreen. It takes forever to rub in and it is almost impossible to do when applying on a toddler who hates it. Jayden gets enough of being rubbed down daily with his Eczema remedies, so when it comes time to apply sunscreen, heContinue Reading

Slowly, but surely, I ramble.

When Greg and I have a break from parenthood, we catch up on work and chores around the house. We talk about our future; a lot. This weekend we made plans to go to a comedy show in December; just the two of us. We stayed up ’til insane hours of the morn laughing ourContinue Reading

2009: Summertime Favs For Jay

I’m still reminiscing until further notice. This is somewhat of a repost from last year when Jayden was 14 months. This summer was the first summer that Jayden had the opportunity to actively play outside as a young toddler. At this age, he doesn’t take much to please, so we didn’t want to over prepareContinue Reading

Ralph Lauren’s Digital Storybook Shopping Experience

Child models from the RL Gang. During my time in NYC for BlogHer, I attended an exclusive event hosted by Ralph Lauren and Mom Central. The event took place in the lavishly decorated Ralph Lauren Reading Room. While there, I had a chance to meet David Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s son. And I learned more aboutContinue Reading

Jayden’s Dance Session

You can’t tell him he ain’t gettin’ down! P.S. Excuse the mess!

Last Month’s Boogie Bargains

I’m not a deal blogger, but I do love sharing my own bargains. I don’t shop like this eeevery month, but I do take advantage of a good sale when possible. And I do shop for myself sometimes, but you know how it is, the kid comes first. I did treat myself to some newContinue Reading

He tried to call me at BlogHer ’10.

While away at BlogHer, Jay attempted to call me on his cell phone*, lol. * He has two cell phones. They’re broken, but he doesn’t know that ;).

BlogHer ’10: August 6th

I started the day heading to the Walmart Sustainability booth for a tour. Breakfast was sporadic; had to grab random pieces of rolls/fruit and then head out to the Getting Gorgeous Skechers Shape-ups walk which made the Wall Street Journal (ignore the bits about species, tight t-shirts, mommy swag, etc). I was among the firstContinue Reading

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