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August 2010

  • Homemaking

    Sustainable Living & What It Means To Me

    Sustainable Living. It’s a topic that often erupts a stream of overwhelming emotions. Where do I start? I was first influenced to start “going green” about a year before I became…

  • Kids

    2009: Summertime Favs For Jay

    I’m still reminiscing until further notice. This is somewhat of a repost from last year when Jayden was 14 months. This summer was the first summer that Jayden had the opportunity…

  • Kids

    Last Month’s Boogie Bargains

    I’m not a deal blogger, but I do love sharing my own bargains. I don’t shop like this eeevery month, but I do take advantage of a good sale when possible.…

  • Kids

    He tried to call me at BlogHer ’10.

    While away at BlogHer, Jay attempted to call me on his cell phone*, lol. * He has two cell phones. They’re broken, but he doesn’t know that ;).…

  • Life & Quirks

    BlogHer ’10: August 6th

    I started the day heading to the Walmart Sustainability booth for a tour. Breakfast was sporadic; had to grab random pieces of rolls/fruit and then head out to the Getting Gorgeous…

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