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August 2010

    Life & Quirks

    When I said I wanted to be spontaneous…

    That didn’t include almost rear-ending a car and coming too close to a kid on a Hoveround.

    On Friday, we were on our way to Jay’s appointment with a new pediatrician when our brakes gave out. We were already running late. The traffic light turned red or maybe I was approaching a stop sign. Whatever, I had to stop. I slowly began creeping up behind the car in front of me. I tapped the brakes. Nothing. I began pumping. Nothing. “STOP! STOP! STOP!”, Greg yelled not realizing the brakes were going. “Ugh, if I hit this car, I’m going to look like an idiot and I’ll never choose to drive again. We’re going to miss the doctor’s appointment, possibly get tangled into car drama, reports…”, I thought to myself. So from the far right lane, I slowly swerved over to the right onto a sidewalk, into some grass, trying my best not to bump a kid on a Hoveround.

    Missed the car. Missed the kid. Missed the doctor’s appointment. Missed a disaster. Thank goodness. It’s always one thing or the other with us; always. But gripe and moan, I choose to do no more.

    On a more positive note of spontaneity, Greg and I whipped out the Wii controllers and replayed the Bowser stage of New Super Mario Bros. this morning. Together we failed, but it was fun.

    See In Memory of Me for “spontaneous” reference…

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