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September 2010

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    The Difference An Outing Can Make

    So lately we’ve been making the best out of the great indoors. More so since our brake line rusted*. Well, good news is that it’s been fixed (thank you, Papa Phil), but the time in between nearly drove me insane. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. I find when I have something to do outside of the house (in addition being productive at home) every once and awhile, my moods are much much better.

    Last Friday, I hung out with my mother and aunt. We had lunch at Chili’s (2 for $20 meals!) and made stops at Marshalls and Goodwill. I had a gift card that I needed to use, so I decided to pick out a few fall themed items. I also bought a cake pan (not pictured). It was hard to stay within the balance on my gift card with all the kitchen accessories and console tables calling my name.

    Goodwill was a bit disappointing. There really wasn’t a great selection of anything and everything was overpriced. I did find some cool retro cups, a Lighted Jack-O-Lantern, a few PJ pants for myself, and two shirts for Jay (not pictured, they’re in the wash). So after listing my finds, I do sound whiny, but I really wanted to score some vintage pyrex and PJs for Jay. I’m just used to a larger and more unique selection. There’s this huge thrift store by my mother’s house that we love. I can easily spend $100 and come home with loads of (useful) items. I went earlier this month and got myself in trouble, lol.

    Photos of my finds… continue reading…

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