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September 2010

  • Life & Quirks Photography

    I’m feeling pretty domestic.

    First roast of the year. Baking cookies. Our new shower curtain. I’m feeling pretty domestic lately. I’ve joined Popinjay, a weekly concept photo challenge. The challenge two weeks ago (give me…

  • Kids

    Charismatic Kid: The New Breed Of Superhero

    I had the opportunity to preview Charismatic Kid: The New Breed Of Superhero, a new ebook written by Anthony Recenello aka @charismatickid on Twitter. I’m still in the process of reading…

  • Defining She

    Goals. Bucket. Whatever. List.

    Greg and I are all into setting goals now matter how big, small, or silly they may seem. So I thought I’d publicize some of the things I’d love to do…

  • Sell. Thrift. Repurpose. Repeat.

    Sell. Thrift. Repurpose. Repeat.

    I am already in week three of my sustainability challenge. Time sure does fly. In my last post, I touched on a few of our sustainable actions at home and some…

  • Defining She Life & Quirks

    Summer chugs on by.

    Photo taken February 2007, Chicagoland-ish There’s a train that comes running by daily. To most, that would come as an annoyance. I hear it today and I am comforted. Autumn comes…

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