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Cold/Flu Survival Kit With Pedialyte Tetra Singles

I’ll admit that over the past two years or so, I haven’t been the most prepared when it comes to Cold and Flu season. Since I almost never get sick and I exclusively breastfed Jayden until he self weened at 18 months, I kind of expected him to have a strong resistance to catching coldsContinue Reading

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee At Home

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee At Home

And the winner is NICHOLAS ELIAS NIEVES! Congrats! I’m not an OMG-I-need-coffee-in-the-morning type of girl, but I am starting to drink it more now that I’m discovering new flavors. I once considered coffee an energy boosting adult beverage, but now I consider it a treat. Through Mom Bloggers Club, I had the opportunity to tryContinue Reading

Preparing For Halloween: Treats

Preparing For Halloween: Treats

Every Halloween we have fun by making and enjoying themed treats. Like our Halloween decor, we don’t do it big. We keep things sweet and simple. :) Pumpkin Carving & Roasted Seeds Every Halloween we buy at least one pumpkin for decorating and making pumpkin seeds. If we do any carving, we go at itContinue Reading

Cosmetics Going Pink Year ‘Round

As we wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness month, some thoughts run through my mind. Thoughts that bug the heck out of me actually. Those thoughts include the cosmetic companies (who are known to use cancer causing ingredients) going pink for the month of October. They are doing great things… BUT I mean, what is theContinue Reading


Following our lunch at Wendy’s, we took a trip to IKEA! It was my first time in an IKEA…EVAR. I was totally inspired. I got some ideas for our office and Jayden’s room. I found some pieces to serve as nightstands in our bedroom. The Aneboda drawer chest is a contender. I’d probably sand itContinue Reading

Wendy’s Pick 2 With The Girls (Giveaway 10/31)

And the winner is Tammy Darling! Congrats! Yesterday, some close girlfriends and I had lunch at Wendy’s – the wrong Wendy’s. See, we had a small bloggers meet-up at a specific Wendy’s in Naperville, and after some GPS reroutes, we ended up at the incorrect Wendy’s. We didn’t realize until we had received our foodContinue Reading

Preparing For Halloween: Decor

Preparing For Halloween: Decor

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, we don’t do much. We tend to do more for Autumn and Christmas, since we can keep the decorations up longer. This year, we did pick up a few decorations to add some Halloween flare to our autumn decor. With all seasonal decorations, we collect here and thereContinue Reading

Bits Of Happy

Happiness is… capturing a great shot. exploring away from home. the smell of fresh air wisping through the windows. listening to a good thunderstorm. having home movie nights with Greg. sipping a good cup of tea, hot cocoa, or coffee. the smell of sweet, cinnamon-y candles. indulging in reese’s peanut butter cups and waffles andContinue Reading

Have I interviewed your family yet?

We’re featuring families over at coNectar! As an incentive for the time spent filling out the interview questions, we’re giving every family a chance to win a stroller up to $250! The focus isn’t the giveaway, but celebrating families. Families with children of all ages are welcomed to submit. I do hope to feature yourContinue Reading

Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Cancer Charity Auction

In August, I announced my involvement with Ralph Lauren and Mom Central as a Ralph Lauren Mombassador. I attended an event where I learned more about the brand and its founder and I continue learning more as this partnership unfolds. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to talk a bit about RalphContinue Reading

Fall Baking With Wilton (Giveaway 10/25)

Fall Baking With Wilton (Giveaway 10/25)

And the winner is… Susan R.! Congrats! In the last few weeks, I’ve been baking away with a collection of fall baking supplies Wilton sent me. I’ve baked my first batch of crescents ever. For a seasonal touch, I cut into some of the dough with leaf and pumpkin grip cutters. I’ve also been onContinue Reading

Wooden Gifts Of Love (Giveaway 10/25)

And the winner is… Nadine L (pets and the people)! Congrats! It’s so rare that Greg and I do things for ourselves, buy things for ourselves, even review things for ourselves. When I say ourselves, I mean as in the both of us as a couple, not individually – although we have put ourselves onContinue Reading

Apple Fest / Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Apple Fest / Apple Cinnamon Muffins

We are officially in apple season and I’ve been trying to explore apple themed recipes. I love making apple turnovers and pies, but I would like to make my own apple sauce, cider, and maybe fritters. I know Jayden would really enjoy those treats. Yesterday before doing some grocery shopping, I made plans to bakeContinue Reading

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