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    Cold/Flu Survival Kit With Pedialyte Tetra Singles

    cold flu kit

    I’ll admit that over the past two years or so, I haven’t been the most prepared when it comes to Cold and Flu season. Since I almost never get sick and I exclusively breastfed Jayden until he self weened at 18 months, I kind of expected him to have a strong resistance to catching colds and viruses. And well, he’s never been sick beyond the sniffles and an occasional sneeze.

    He’s now 2 ½ and he’s mingling more with other children. So this Cold and Flu season, I’m planning on being a little more prepared than I have been in the past years.

    I’m preparing by creating a Cold/Flu survival kit for Jayden. Here are some the products I’ve added to start his kit.

    Hyland’s Kids Cough Syrups – I keep this cough syrup around and I love it because it’s 100% natural and contains no sugars. It works great on common cold symptoms and I don’t have to worry about accidental overdose since it is drug-free.

    Carlson Cod Liver Oil For Kids – Cod liver oil is a great source of Omega 3 fats which help boost immunity. We’ve been giving Jayden cod liver oil off and on to help improve his Eczema. He’ll continue to take it during the cold, vulnerable months.

    Pedialyte Tetra Singles – I have some Pedialyte Singles stashed away to keep Jayden hydrated, in the event that he suffers from diarrhea or vomiting. Pedialyte Tetra Singles are available in kid-friendly fruit flavors and juice box packaging. They have a shelf life of up to 18 months. Pedialyte Singles are free of preservatives and artificial colors, but they do contain some artificial flavors (if that is a concern). They are designated Kosher and Halal.

    When I re-upped on the Hyland’s cough syrup, I picked some up courtesy of Collective Bias. Check out my shopping story below.

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    If you’d like to purchase Pedialyte Tetra Singles, here’s a $1.50 coupon good on any Pedialyte brand product. Don’t forget to consult with your child’s pediatrician before using Pedialyte.

    Pedialyte Resources

    Essentials for a well-stocked medicine chest – http://pedialyte.com/dehydration.aspx?section=2

    A fun and easy experiment to teach about dehydration – http://pedialyte.com/dehydration.aspx

    Warning Signs & Symptoms of dehydration – http://pedialyte.com/dehydration.aspx?section=1

    Printable activities to keep kids entertained when sick – http://pedialyte.com/kids.aspx

    FAQs about Pedialyte – http://pedialyte.com/faq.aspx

    Collective Bias has compensated me for my time. As always, my opinions are my own.

    Although this post is sponsored, I thought it would be resourceful to those reading through the non-sponsored feed.

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