Following our lunch at Wendy’s, we took a trip to IKEA! It was my first time in an IKEA…EVAR. I was totally inspired. I got some ideas for our office and Jayden’s room. I found some pieces to serve as nightstands in our bedroom. The Aneboda drawer chest is a contender. I’d probably sand it and paint it a darker color. I totally want to get the Kura bed for Jayden, but I can get a loft bed from Walmart for about $70 less.

During our IKEA trip, I ended up buying more than I think I planned to, but I came in at my budget. I was so shocked! Here’s what I bought:

OMG IKEA! Sophistishe.com3 GRUNDTAL Cutlery caddies
2 BYGEL 39 1/4″ Rails
2 BYGEL Wire baskets
BYGEL Dish drainer
LÄMPLIG Chopping board
6 POKAL Glasses
2 SIGNUM Gadget charging cups
365+ Can opener
LILLABO 3pk Toy Vehicles
KALAS Tumblers

After we shopped, we loaded our goodies in the van and went back in for dinner. We had the $3.99 Swedish Meatball dinner. It was scrumptious! IKEA really knows how to entice and keep their customers in their stores. I ain’t mad at that. We’re planning to take another trip closer to the Holidays, I can’t wait! I may get Jayden some little pots and pans since he’s taken interest in my new set. Sorry, those are mama’s toys!

P.S. I chose not to link to everything because I didn’t want this post to become an IKEA link farm as they didn’t sponsor this post. Get to searchin’!

OMG IKEA! Sophistishe.com0OMG IKEA! Sophistishe.com1OMG IKEA! Sophistishe.com0OMG IKEA! Sophistishe.com0OMG IKEA! Sophistishe.com0OMG IKEA! Sophistishe.comOMG IKEA! Sophistishe.comOMG IKEA! Sophistishe.com
OMG IKEA! Sophistishe.com

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OMG IKEA! Sophistishe.com
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5 Responses to “OMG IKEA!”

  1. Roberta says:

    Ikea ia a dream. There catalog is so worn with dog ears etc

  2. Sheena says:

    @Shelly, The closest one is over an hr away too, so I had to rack up!

  3. Shelly says:

    I wish we had an IKEA in my area!! Closest one is an hour away. You got some fab goodies :)

  4. Keonte' says:

    Welcome to the IKEA club. It’s so addicting. I go there with no purpose at all. Everything is so affordable and well-designed. It’s a one-stop show. I even call myself IKEA (I, Kea) sometimes. “Kea” is my nickname.

    Glad to see you found some great items. I’m sure you’ll be heading back.

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