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I’m Judging: Win 1 of 10 $35 Kodak Gallery Gift Codes!

Congrats to the winners! 1. janie 2. Jessi 3. shelly aka allysmama 4. Mary Williams 5. ANGEL JACKLYN 6. Sue Trader 7. Theresa 8. mott 9. Stacy 10. Ani I’m excited to share that I am working with Kodak Gallery as guest judge of their Share The Love Valentine’s Day Contest where users will createContinue Reading

Twelve Fourteen Twenty-Ten

I stand before the perfect example of what a husband should be. In what seems to be a season of divorce. (I do not judge.) In our local courthouse, no witness. Not in the fancy banquet hall, in front of an audience, wearing that snazzy tux and puffy dress. The glitz and glam are miniscule,Continue Reading

It’s a wrap. Christmas that is.

We’re 22 days into our new year. The Christmas tree is down as of the 15th? I’m drawing a blank here. Wintery figurines are still up, so are the stockings and Charlie Brown tree. The figurines and Charlie Brown tree will come down when my Wintery spirit dries up. The stockings will come down onceContinue Reading

Essie Nail Colors Hit Walmart Shelves

This year, I am rebuilding my nail polish collection, making sure that I only buy colors that are 3-free (free of formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene). I’ve been ordering a lot of my colors online because it’s easier to do that than blindly shopping in the cosmetics section without being completely sure of what’s in myContinue Reading

Twitter Hop Thursday: Looking For More Twitter Buds?

Would you like more Twitter followers, and to be introduced to more neat blogs and businesses out there? Come, join us! HOW TO PARTICIPATE Add your Twitter URL to the MckLinky (you only have to add it to one and it will appear on all). Click on the Twitter URL’s for the five hostesses andContinue Reading

Fresh Start: Fitness Preparations

It’s time for another update as I prep myself to achieve a healthier, fit, beautiful me. Oh. My. Goodness. Where do I even start? To be honest, I am overwhelmed. I have been equipped with so many fitness goodies, I just don’t know what to do with myself. To start, Walmart teamed up with MicrosoftContinue Reading

Decluttering The Physical And Virtual

How annoying is it to have so much stuff that you run out of room to house it or can’t even keep track of what you have? Very. You are constantly trying to figure out how to create more space for the stuff. Maybe if we get another dresser, put up some shelves. What ifContinue Reading

Fresh Start: Healthy Food Additions

To start off my fresh start for the new year challenge, I did a little shopping for some healthy foods that I would like to continue eating (and not forget about) this year. I’m trying to eat heathier so that I can feel healthier, with a burst of energy and a fresh mind. I’m alsoContinue Reading

Charlie Banana Bottom

We are in what we HOPE is the last stage of potty training. Jayden is at the point where if he even gets a little tinkle on his training pant, he doesn’t want to wear it anymore! It’s so frustrating because we are TIRED of buying and wasting training pants! Ultimately, what we want isContinue Reading

Adorable Ralph Lauren Layette

As part of being a Ralph Lauren Mombassador, periodically, I am sent products from Ralph Lauren’s latest collections. In the most recent shipment, I received some adorable items from their Childrenswear Layette line. Of course Jayden in going on 3 years of age and I’m not expecting, but these picks combined would make a greatContinue Reading

My Fresh Start For A Healthier, Fit, Beautiful Me

It’s a new year and we all are making goals; realistic and unrealistic. I have certainly been guilty of making goals that have gone forgotten. But this year, my goals are pretty attainable and I’m starting with myself, my inner and outer me. For too long, I have put myself on hold for my beautifulContinue Reading

Differently Clothing: Conscious & Fly

During Christmas break, I went into a beauty supply/wig store with intentions of buying a clarifying shampoo (with minimal ingredients). Not sure what brand I was looking for, I assumed it would be in the shampoo aisle. In this store, everything was arranged according to brand. It was a huge store. As I walked downContinue Reading

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