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January 2011

  • Life & Quirks

    Twelve Fourteen Twenty-Ten

    I stand before the perfect example of what a husband should be. In what seems to be a season of divorce. (I do not judge.) In our local courthouse, no witness.…

  • Primp

    Essie Nail Colors Hit Walmart Shelves

    This year, I am rebuilding my nail polish collection, making sure that I only buy colors that are 3-free (free of formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene). I’ve been ordering a lot of…

  • Fitness

    Fresh Start: Healthy Food Additions

    To start off my fresh start for the new year challenge, I did a little shopping for some healthy foods that I would like to continue eating (and not forget about)…

  • Kids

    Charlie Banana Bottom

    We are in what we HOPE is the last stage of potty training. Jayden is at the point where if he even gets a little tinkle on his training pant, he…

  • Kids

    Adorable Ralph Lauren Layette

    As part of being a Ralph Lauren Mombassador, periodically, I am sent products from Ralph Lauren’s latest collections. In the most recent shipment, I received some adorable items from their Childrenswear…

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