Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No

Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.com

Greg and I have been going back and forth about getting Jayden a play kitchen. Admittedly, a piece of me wants to get one for me, as I didn’t have one growing up.

Greg feels that Jayden doesn’t need a play kitchen… because it’s girly. He should have a workbench or a grill. I feel that he can have a workbench, grill, and a kitchen because real men know their tools and their way around the kitchen. Am I right? My hope is for Jayden to be a well-rounded, self-efficient individual. What if he marries a woman who can’t cook? Or what if she wants a break from slaving over a hot stove? Can she get a day? Just a day. What if Jayden stays single? I don’t want him withering around the house totally helpless, waiting for wifey to cook dinner (ehehm) or turning to frozen pizzas, hotdogs, pop tarts, and takeout.

Needless to say, I won the verbal scuffle. Oh, and helpless hubby is currently receiving cooking lessons from moi.

Where do you and your spouse stand on the boys and play kitchens debate?

Edited to add: We bought him a kitchen for Christmas and Greg made sure to throw in a drill set, lol.

Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.com

Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.com0Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.com6Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.com40Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.com4Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.com1Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.comPlay Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.comPlay Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.com
Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.com

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Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No Sophistishe.com
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35 Responses to “Play Kitchens For Boys: Mom Says Yes, Dad Says No”

  1. Sheena says:

    From my Google Plus page //

    Lucrecer Braxton: I am no longer married, but the kitchen is not gender specific. Many men cook. Why not encourage boys to enjoy cooking instead of thinking of it as women’s work.

  2. Melissa says:

    I wanted to get one for Boogiew when he was smaller and hubby felt the same way. We decided to get a workbench. Two years later when Pookie was the age Boogie had been, we got him a kitchen. Both boys love playing with both items.

  3. Honestly, I have two boys and the play kitchen wasn’t a debate at all. I’ve never thought of them being a girly thing. Granted I wouldn’t get them a pink set but other than that I don’t see it as a thing. At our once a week Early Childhood Education class there is about 8 boys to 3 girls and it is usually the boys playing in the kitchen not the girls. And again, I never saw this as weird. Warren loves to make me “food” to eat and he is my little helper in the kitchen.

    I try not to define their roles so to speak at such an early age. I don’t want my boys to get the impression that a man cooking is wrong because it isn’t. To me, a man that cooks is a strong man. :) And yes, my husband cooks although I do more of it. My husband can also clean and we share this role as well.

  4. sharkbytes says:

    Definitely let the kids pretend to be whatever they want! I’m so glad my parents didn’t have gender issues long before that was recommended by the “experts.”

  5. Jon Gray says:

    I had a kitchen set when I was little. My mom often tells the story of one of my early birthdays, when both boy and girl playmates were over at the house. The parents set the boys in front of my “boy” toys, and took the girls to the kitchen set. But, as time went along, all the boys gravitated toward the kitchen set and the girls to the “boy” toys. She still gets a kick out of it 25+ years later.

    For what it’s worth, my GF seems to be quite happy with the fact that her guy can cook…I doubt the development of my skills was completely rooted in the kitchen set, but hey, it certainly didn’t hurt. :)

  6. Colleen says:

    @SheenaTatum Yay! My 2 boys have a play kitchen, a house, and loads of @MelissaAndDoug food / kitchen items on our lanai

  7. Zane did have one and I though it was a good Idea. There is nothing wrong boys playing cook. I love to cook .

  8. Jena says:

    As I’m hoping my husband teaches our little girl a bit about cars and car maintenance, I certainly intend any sons we have to be involved in the kitchen. Tell your hubby to quit being such a chauvinist. Real men certainly should know how to cook–it’s a great way to woo women, after all–and besides, it doesn’t have to be equated with housework, which is what I assume he’s doing. The cooking profession is pretty much dominated by men. (Seriously–he should sit down & watch the food channel a couple of random days. They talk all the time on the contest shows about how difficult it can be to be a woman at the top of the field.)

    I saw a DIY play kitchen on another site that involved turning an old entertainment unit into a play kitchen. Would that make it less girly? http://designdazzle.blogspot.com/2010/01/tv-entertainment-center-turned-play.html

  9. Alisa N. says:

    I like that kitchen for him! M&D mae the best wooden pretend play toys. My hubby is a great cook and I thank his parents and sister for that :-)

  10. Men in the kitchen = SEXY. Teach that boy to cook. His future wife will love you.

  11. I agree with you and so would my husband if we had a boy. My husband is an excellent cook because her learned from his mama. There is no shame in his game. He snagged me with his culinary skills. Our daughter has a tool set and work bench and is getting a play kitchen for her 2nd birthday. I say erase the gender lines when it comes to toys

  12. c l says:

    Yes! My grandson loves to whack things with hammers and use tools and play with their kitchen. He puts the “neighs” in the microwave. LOL His Dad loves to cook but also builds, etc. is an architect-all guy. Nothing wrong with that! There are famous men who have made lots of money being chefs and it is not for women only. So yes!

  13. Joanna says:

    We have girls so I can’t really weigh in too terribly much. However, I feel as if I had a boy I’d get him a play kitchen. I def would make sure there was no pink, but there is nothing wrong with a boy in the kitchen! :-)

  14. michelle riebeek says:

    Boys in the Kitchen? Awesome! Have you seen Top Chef! Encourage them! They can make their wives romantic meals, healthy food for their kids, become a famous Chef!

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