Over the weekend, we decided to color some eggs using an inexpensive kit I found at Walmart. I couldn’t help but to grab the Eggosaurus kit because of its dinosaur themed decorations. Jayden loves dinosaurs second best to trains of course. Since this craft project would be for display only, I didn’t let the current food dye debate rain on my egg coloring parade. I went back and forth in my head about it, admittedly. I decided to let it go this year and next year, I’d find a kit with plant based dyes.

Jayden and I had a blast with the Eggosaurus kit. I’d be fibbing if I said it was an easy process, though. I’d say it took an hour between boiling the eggs, punching the dinosaurs out, dying the eggs, letting them dry, and assembling the dinosaurs. I felt like I was on my feet forever!

Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com

While putting the dinosaurs together (with elmer’s glue dots), I gave Jayden a cup of water and an egg to scoop around. Kept him occupied.

Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com

While waiting for the eggs to color, Jayden modeled for the camera.

Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com

Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com

Peek-a-boo, Mommy.

Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com


When it was time to remove the eggs from the color baths, Jayden scooped the eggs out while Greg drilled him on his colors. He kept saying, “Look, Daddy, I’m having fun! Ooo it’s a baby! Different color eggs!”

Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com

Next step was to put the eggs in the dinosaur “egg holders” and stick on the stickers and spines.

Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com

Voila, Eggosaurs complete!

For less than $3 (I lost my receipt), we got a super fun craft that we all enjoyed and will always remember.

I am a voluntary participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with compensation to share my experience coloring eggs with you. All opinions (if expressed) are my own.
Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com0Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com2Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com2Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com0Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com0Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.comEggosaurus! Sophistishe.comEggosaurus! Sophistishe.com
Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com

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Eggosaurus! Sophistishe.com
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  1. Those look really cool! The problem I have with dying eggs is that no one wants to eat them afterwards. You’d think I was suggesting they eat poison when I offer a hard boiled egg!

  2. What a cutie patootie. It looks like you guys had so much fun. Love all those facial exspressions. I bet my little guy would love the dinosaurs egg kit. .

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