Monthly Archives: June 2011

Let Him Love Thomas

Jayden, like many boys his age, has a true love for Thomas & Friends. There’s nothing to date that he is more devoted to than those cheeky trains. I realize that Thomas is “the cheeky one”, but they all are cheeky to me :). I can not remember how the infatuation all began. He was two.Continue Reading

Date Night Overdue

I cannot pinpoint the last time Greg and I went out. Alone. I suppose it was maybe two years ago? For three years we’ve been waiting on the opportunity to get back into the groove of things. Parenting can be so exhausting at times, but perhaps we could have tried harder to do more forContinue Reading

Playdate Place: A Great Resource For Playdate Planning

Playdates are something that I never considered attending until being introduced to a group by a friend. I mean it wasn’t an organized VIP play group, so stop rolling your eyes, but just an awesome group of local friends getting together with their kids :). We usually gathered once a week or as often asContinue Reading

6/12/11: Spontaneous Surprises

Mission Stop at Marshalls. Pick up some candles, maybe some capri’s, and head to the park. What really happened On the way to Marshalls, Greg caught a glimpse of a big brown animal in front of Culver’s which he thought was a camel. Coming to a halt, “Whoa, did you see that? It’s a camelContinue Reading

What are your kids’ favorite movies?

When it comes to movies, Jayden is very much like me when I was a little girl. He isn’t a big movie enthusiast. He’d rather focus his attention on playing with his trains. For me, it was Legos :). Two movies that he does enjoy in doses are Toy Story and Finding Nemo. When IContinue Reading

Week of Six Five Eleven Through the Lens

I’m trying to be a good mom by picking up my camera more… and actually getting the photos edited and uploaded. So, here are some from this week. An archive from the month can be found here. I must say that I’m falling in love with my camera again :). Oh, are you on Pinterest?Continue Reading

Jayden’s 1st Dental Visit!

Wednesday, we took Jayden to his first appointment at the dentist. We knew we were in for a meltdown, but surprisingly, aside from a few I want Daddy‘s, he did really well! Of course Jayden’s delightful experience wouldn’t have been possible without the super kid friendly environment and the compassion shown by the entire officeContinue Reading

Chili’s Triple Dipper $20 Gift Card Giveaway

Winner: Mami2jcn :) Yesterday, Greg and I enjoyed a Chili’s Togo dinner at home. While a little date out would have been nice, spending time away from the weekend crowd was much better. Eating out is such a rare occasion for us, so of course there had to be a catch right? :) Chili’s sentContinue Reading

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