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June 2011


    Let Him Love Thomas

    thomasmega Jayden, like many boys his age, has a true love for Thomas & Friends. There’s nothing to date that he is more devoted to than those cheeky trains. I realize that Thomas is “the cheeky one”, but they all are cheeky to me :).

    I can not remember how the infatuation all began. He was two. One episode of Thomas & Friends led to another, then DVDs and PJs were purchased, a train set, trains, outfits, and accessories. He began correctly identifying every train and character from the series even the trains that are very similar. I realized that he was head over heels, but I didn’t want our home to become filled to the brim with Thomas & Friends toys and accessories mainly because I have this thing about characters. Having too many of them in our possession at once. Characters that may not necessarily influence our purchasing decisions, but may certainly serve as a deterrent to our toddler when we have our hearts set on what’s practical. Characters that would get in the way of the mature swagger I wanted my little guy to have.

    Interesting Coordinates

    When it comes to parenting, I tend to over think things, but I try to seek a medium that works for us. I usually end up making adjustments elsewhere to compensate for the situations in which I am more lax about. I try to craft our perfect. So after the whole character limbo, I decided to let the boy have his trains. Let him build a toy collection if he wants to.

    Let him have that Thomas Spinbrush that’ll encourage him to brush his teeth.

    Let him have yet another train set that he will probably play with for hours at a time and ask for as he rolls over in his sleep.

    Let him watch other children on YouTube playing with their Thomas train sets because they’ll inspire him to make new tracks to great destinations using his own imagination and story telling skills.

    Let him attend the cool events that he may not remember, and capture those moments to share with him as he grows older.

    Thomas Live Collage

    Let him love Thomas.

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