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June 2011

  • Kids

    Let Him Love Thomas

    Jayden, like many boys his age, has a true love for Thomas & Friends. There’s nothing to date that he is more devoted to than those cheeky trains. I realize that Thomas…

  • Chicago Personal

    Date Night Overdue

    I cannot pinpoint the last time Greg and I went out. Alone. I suppose it was maybe two years ago? For three years we’ve been waiting on the opportunity to get…

  • Chicago Kids

    6/12/11: Spontaneous Surprises

    Mission Stop at Marshalls. Pick up some candles, maybe some capri’s, and head to the park. What really happened On the way to Marshalls, Greg caught a glimpse of a big…

  • Kids

    Jayden’s 1st Dental Visit!

    Wednesday, we took Jayden to his first appointment at the dentist. We knew we were in for a meltdown, but surprisingly, aside from a few I want Daddy‘s, he did really…

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